Volcanion-EX variants // PRC-on


@basedgodzilla some have been opting to drop the trash since it hurts their consistency. Mewtwo with garb is favored in the match up but is very winnable. It is more dependent on how many they can set up usually. 1 isn’t too bad. 2 is a game I would probably scoop unless they have few attackers ready.

4 Volcanion IS a must guys. If you prize 1 or 2, your games are going to be rough.


Those who offered advice for my list changes, I do appreciate them. I tried some of them out and would like to comment on them.
+1 Parallel City- it was a nice tech which ended up helping me in a couple games at a tourney (ARG) but I think it should be added only if you plan to see Ray. The match up is close and improves it. Outside of that, both sides are inhibit the deck.

-1 Shaymin- Agreed upon. I had three only because of my high count of sky field (I reduced to 2) which allowed me to go ham early on.

-2 Escape Rope- Escape isn’t the preferred switch card for some but you must play some switch cards outside of Float Stone. At the least 2. People are playing Yveltal BKT and, if people realize you don’t play switch cards other than Float Stone, a Lysandre will lose you the game.

+X Flareon EX-… I could write a really long reason to not play this card. I will simply say there are reasons why people who have done well with this deck don’t play it. Try your lists without it with full sets of Volcanion.


Bumping this to seek opinions.

I am really back and forth on running Salamence-ex in Volcanion. It gives me something as a check to Mewtwo and Darkrai filling the board but I’m still undecided as to its usefulness.

I plan to play Volcanion at the upcoming International in Australia.


Salamence is a must. It helps so much Vs turbo dark and mega mewtwo.