Volcanion-EX variants // PRC-on


Hi guys, it’s been a while since I have made a post on here (sorry if this is the wrong place, not sure where else I should put it). I’ve kinda dropped off Pokemon for a bit only really turning up to league, but enough about me…

So, Volcanion EX is pretty neat, I’ve been playing around with a certain build which may be completely different to the large majority of players. The most notable difference being the absence of Shaymin EX and my reliance on Octillery for my non-Supporter draw support. but here’s is a list I have tested out and I am pretty happy with.

4 Volcanion EX
3 Volcanion
2-2 Octillery
1 Flareon EX

3 Sycamore
2 N
2 Shauna
3 VS Seeker
1 Teammates
1 Fisherman
1 Pokemon Ranger
1 Lysandre
2 Trainers’ Mail
4 Ultra Ball
3 Energy Retrieval
2 Prof Letter
2 Switch
1 Energy Switch
1 Eco Arm
1 Super Rod
1 Dive Ball
3 Fighting Fury Belt
2 Float Stone
1 Energy Pouch
2 Scorched Earth

9 Fire

With this deck the early game is centred around Volcanion (non-EX). This card does everything you could possibly want: It can use Volcanion EX’s Steam up ability to hit for a large amount of damage; you can use it to accelerate energy to build up any attacker you want (all for 1 energy); Non-EX so it can trade prizes very favourably and it even has a nice attack for 3 Fire which hits for 100 (KOs both Garbodor and Zoroark). Volcanion EX and Baby Volcanion have such insane Synergy.

The main focus of the deck is being able to consistently get the fire energy into your hand every turn so you can use assets like Steam Up and Scorched Earth. This is where I find Octillery much more useful than Shaymin as you can rely on him late game so you draw cards like Fisherman and Energy Retrieval for that final KO.

But yeah, any thoughts? I think this deck has such huge potential for the next 2 years (if my predictions are correct).


I think 4 vs seeker is a must have, as well as hoopa ex. If you don’t want to use Shaymin, that’s fine with me, but it would probably be better than octillery.


No fisherman needed, no energy switch, you need a full count of baby volcanion, and probably only 2 energy retrieval.


I think Energy Reset deserves a place in this deck. If Volcanion STS is accelerating to the benched Volcanion EX, you can use reset to pick the energy right back up, use Steam Up, reattach, repeat.


I play a one-of energy reset…

It’s OK for picking up energies for that one crucial KO that you need, but normally you should have enough energy to go for most of the game. Also you need at least 11 fire energy for this deck to really do work.


I think fisherman is crucial, because if you have to discard energy retrieval early on, it’s important to have fisherman for stable energy retrieval


Your games shouldn’t be lasting long enough that you need a fisherman. I would swap it out for another energy retrieval if you feel the need.


I think that octillery should be dropped and replaced with shaymin, as the decks explosive start is what makes it so great.


Why not just run both?


Pokemon: 12
4 Volcanion
4 Volcanion EX
3 Shaymin EX
1 Hoopa EX

Trainers: 36
3 Professor Sycamore
2 N
2 Lysandre
1 Fisherman
1 Delinquent
1 Pokemon Ranger

3 Sky Field

4 Vs Seeker
4 Trainer’s Mail
4 Ultra Ball
3 Fighting Fury Belt
3 Escape Rope
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Float Stone
1 Super Rod

Energy: 12
12 Fire

This is my current list right now. Delinquent has won me so many games and with how fast the deck go you can sometimes get a t1 Delinquent with a full board of Volcanionsome. I like Fisherman right in the list as it can be really good mid to late game sijce it is recoverable via Vs Seeker. I may try it without one at some point. The high amount of switch cards are necessary with the EXsame having high retreat costs. The reason for escape ropes is to put my opponent in awkward situations as well as a cheap pseudo Catcher.
I’m considering adding another letter to further thin my deck out and for more consistent steam ups and attachments for turn. Hex Maniac has been in and out of the list because Vileplume variants and the potential of slowing my opponent down as well as mirror matches.

To those who do play this: 4 EXs and a Hoopa EX are a must. Just the addition of Hoopa added a huge boost to the deck.


I find that 4 Volcanion EX is a bit much. Most of the time you’ll only need 2 on your board, so there’s not a huge point in having 4.

I also prefer a 2-1 Skyfield Parallel City, because Parallel city is great for ridding your bench of Shaymins, and when played in conjunction with Delinquent can pretty win you the game VS M Ray.

Also, Flareon-EX is a must.

-1 Shaymin EX
-1 Volcanion EX

+2 Flareon EX


I agree with your changes but I think it should be
-2 escape rope
-1 sky field
-1 Lysandre or n (personal preference)

+2 flareon ex

  • 1 parallel city
  • 1 energy retrieval


Volcanion should never be a primary attacker, you rely far too much on hitting consistent Steam Ups. Playing 3 Flareon 2 Volcanion EX with a full count of babies would make the deck much more consistent. Shaymin, VS Seeker, 4 t mail and Hoopa are all absolutely necessary as well, without them you forfeit a lot of consistency. You also shouldn’t need anywhere near that much energy retrieval, 1-2 retrieval is more than enough you don’t need fisherman, energy pouch or any other random gimmicks. Random tech cards like dive ball, eco arm, and energy switch also take away consistency from a deck that has consistency as its main selling point.


Dive ball?

Look I get u people like volcanion, but let’s not go crazy


I will say that I prefer 3 Volcanion EX and 2 Flareon EX, and the one ‘tech’ card that I play is Energy Reset, which is super clutch when you really need that last Steam Up/Energy attach.

Otherwise, I completely agree.


That’s reasonable, I think it’s personal preference as to where you go with the split. The energy reset is interesting, although personally I think it’s very situational. If you’re running the full 11-12 energy, you should usually be able to have some either in hand or the discard to retrieval.


What it is really nice for is M Mewtwo, so you can pull energy off your pokemon so they do less damage, then drop it all with steam to KO them.

They’ll probably only have a dce on their replacement, so it would be hard for them to KO your 3 energy belted Flareon Ex.


Aren’t most Mewtwo decks running Garbodor? It seems tough to deal with that. Lysandreing it up and KOing it seems like the only option, and opens you up to an easy return KO since you’re not going after the immediate offensive threat – and they might have a second Trubbish ready to go.


Here’s my answer vs M Meetwo: wait for Evolutions Mewtwo to come out.


The first Regionals that I’m attending is Fort Wayne, which is after the release of Evolutions.

I was going to go to Philadelphia, but it has a bad reputation as a city and it is right before the US elections, so now I’m going to Cuba for a vacation in stead :stuck_out_tongue: