Volcanion Ex Deck. Fun, powerful, and EXPLOSIVE!

Hey Guys. I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy with school. Here is a new deck list I have been working on. I am trying to get around having to use Shaymin because I don’t have enough to afford it. This is a budget deck that is also standard. Let me know what you think!


4 Volcanion EX STS 26/114
4 Volcanion STS 25/114
4 Flareon EX GEN RC6/32
2 Orangaru S&M 113/149
1 Hoopa EX Origins 36/98


3 Fighting Fury Belt
4 Professor Sycamore
3 Ultra Ball
3 Trainers Mail
3 Energy Retrieval
2 N
2 Max Elixir
2 Professor’s Letter
2 Ninja Boy
2 Lysandre
2 Skyfeild
1 Brock’s Grit
1 Town Map
1 Parallel City
1 Scorched Earth
1 Rough Seas


12 Fire Energy

I tried to do the impossible here and make a good, budget, and standard deck. Enjoy and see you later.

Maybe replace 1 with salamence ex. [quote=“ryecat1011, post:1, topic:10647”]
2 Max Elixir

A little low maybe 3

Do you use super rod

Float stone might help the deck.[quote=“ryecat1011, post:1, topic:10647”]
I tried to do the impossible here and make a good, budget, and standard deck.

Not exactly a budget deck.

Shouldn’t you be at school?

i am at school riley

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dont post that through sixprizes this is a forum for discussion not social media.


You do not need 4 flareons, you have 4-4 volcanions and 2 techs, with maybe 2 Shaymin and 1 hoopa. If you want a cheaper version, skip Shaymin and get the promos of the EXs. Choose two stadiums to take out, you don’t need 5. You need at least 3 max elixir. I don’t see the need for ninja boy. Add another trainers mail and make sure you can keep energy in hand, 1 fisherman? I wasn’t paying attention to space as I said this, so if you need to, take a few things of what I said out. Also, float stone is more important than FFB, maybe a 3-2 split?

Thanks I like some of these ideas. some of this is not in because of space

your issue is you use unneeded space for extremely thich lines or other cards you no need.

What do you mean? Any examples

flareon you do not need 4

If you are going to play Flareon EX, play 1-2.
a) it’s more budget friendly, and
b) more consistent, the reason why people play volc is it’s consistency.

If you want a good volcanion list, try these: http://thecharizardlounge.com/decklists/primal-clash-sun-and-moon-decklists/#volcanion

How does flareon ex boost consistency in any way?

Let’s be real here guys. If a deck normally plays shaymin and it needs shaymin, then the deck isnt worth playing without shaymin. If you still wanna try and play volcanion without shaymin, you will probably need to change the focus of your consistency engine


What I mean is if you are going to play flareon EX (which you probably shouldn’t) play like 1-2, because it’s more consistent than 4. That’s what I meant to say.

Hey so I have a friend who went to the pre release then came to our weekly tournament. I got some guardians rising cards and some more cards. I redid my list based on your ideas and some of my new cards. Let me know how you feel and what I should do with this deck.

Pokémon 14-15

4 volcanion ex sts 107/114
4 volcanion sts 25/114
4 flareon ex gen rc28/rc32 (replace 2 with shaymin eventually)
1 hoopa ex aor 36/98
1-2 oranguru s&m 113/149
1 turtanator gx gur (once it hits replace an oranguru)

Trainers 35

4 professor sycamore
2 lysandre
2 n
1 bricks grit (super rod for more cards)

4 trainers mail
3 max elixir
3 fighting fury belt
3 energy retrieval
3 ultra ball
2 float stone
2 professors letter
1 town map

2 sky feild
2 altar of sunne
1 parallel city


12 fire energys

I took this deck to a tournament and got second place for the first time since I started playing Pokémon tcg. I lost to a lapras gx deck. I don’t do any big tournaments so I don’t have a season. I will keep you posted. I will see you all later. Please like, subscribe, and comment this video.

What tournament would this be legal at? Also, super rod is better than Brock. Always. Add a fisherman, and there is no need for you to have any more than two tech Pokémon, turtinator or flareon.

I mean having VS Seeker is a must

You seriously need VS Seeker unless you play Vileplume. You play 2 N, and you need VS Seeker because of the fast nature of Volcanion. You Ultra Ball a lot, too.

Hey vs seeker has gone down in price so I think I might go ahead and get some. How many should I get?