Volcanion Deck Ultra Prism Adjustments


Hello there,
I love playing with Volcanion EX/Turtonator GX for standard. I feel as if the release of Ultra Prism has changed the metagame a bit and the strategy required for this deck. I am seeking advice regarding two topics:

  1. How many Cynthia to play and what cards to replace (N, Items, Energy, etc.)
  2. How to deal with Glaceon GX which pretty much shuts down the deck completely


Allow me to state my opinion regarding Cynthia. With the basic idea that we will lose either one or both N and Professor Sycamore in standard after rotation, this becomes a “prepare yourself” card. I do love how this card plays but to be fair, there is no method to answer this question if you intend to carry all three (N, Sycamore, Cynthia) until rotation in the deck. This being said, most of what I have seen and tried has been a minimum of 3.

Dealing with Glaceon GX… UGH! With the Volcanion Deck its more about figuring out how to get him out of active position then anything. Volcanion is so dependent on its abilities (as are so many other decks in the format) that Glaceon GX becomes Garbotoxin on steroids. I believe, in my opinion, the reason we are seeing so many viable abilities on non-GX cards in Ultra Prism is because of Glaceon GX. So other then get it out of active I truly have no idea, YET.


Since your deck probably isn’t based on disruption, try going down to 2 N to go to 2 Cynthia, even if that means taking something else out, but only if you have more than two Ns. If you are playing a thick kiawe line, try adding a ho-oh GX. Should help that matchup a bit, especially if you run choice bands.


Escape Rope would be good if they couldn’t simply put another one into play. I would still consider it since a turn 2 escape rope could really help the tempo.

You might need to consider playing Catcher. Even without this matchup to consider, Catcher can be game winning anyway.


Take the L to glaceon. Deck should be kept in check anyways by magnezone