Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX variants // BLW-on 2016

I’ve been benched by SableGarb before. Not pretty.

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i’ve not been KO’d by a sabeleye

Well you havent seen me actually play and it worked out just fine

In an LC in BLW - BKT I managed to take 4 prizes by poison with Sableye Garbodor Bunnelby.

I can tell that you’d have trouble beating a Sableye player who knew what they were doing based entirely on the fact that you bench stuff, especially Hoopa and Deoxys. Just don’t bench anything. While you beat this Sableye player, if you did this against a good Sableye player who knew what they were doing, you’d get railed.

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I started with Hoopa. Agree that Deoxys was unnecessary but i had to bench it to scoop up hoopa so i could get some virizion and genesects

Just play the waiting game. AZ into Virizion once you have it and only play down 2 Virizion. You don’t even need Genesect


I went 5-1-1 with this at a regionals this weekend…i’m sold on it


  • I played one Psy energy which helped me to one shot a mewtwo and some other psy week poke’s
  • Avoided Flareon decks
  • Took a hard beating to a mega scizzor deck (you can’t ohko the mega)
  • Lost to speed darkrai in top cut

The great thing about this deck is that it’s actually really fast…you can easily pull off a game 3 win in under 8 minutes which I did three times…and T1 Gbooster is actually a reality

Thanks for the advice everyone

Am I missing something?
Isn’t the Pokemon’s actual type what matters in weakness, not energies that are attached?

I think he might be talking about Deoxys? But I could be wrong


Deoxys does 30+ 30 for each energy attached to your opponents pokemon

It does 180 to a mewtwo ex with two energies attached

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A second Deoxys perhaps? Maybe play Virbank/Lasers like the VirGen of early 2014-2015?

Neither of those are worth it. Scissor isn’t a good deck, so you won’t be seeing a lot of it, and it can definitely be beaten if you play a little bit more carefully.


Soften it up with Megalo Cannon, then Red Signal + G Booster


Gbooster prized in both games :frowning:

I used to play Virgen with Laserbank back in the day and i was very set in that build…i actually think Sky Arrow Bridge makes it alot more faster because u can power up on the bench and effortlessly tag out


Well that sucks.

But still, not unbeatable if you don’t have abysmal prizes.


Hey Everyone!

I top cutted again with this deck…so now im sitting on 184 points alone from Vir/Gen

I lost in top cut to a Yveltal variants deck…

Gbooster, Two Genesects, Hoopa prized game 1 and started with Hoopa game 2. Also I muliganed over 5 times in both games…

needless to say, both games were close and I was always up in prizes, but that new baby yveltal really hits hard. I made a good move where I AZ’d a fully powered genesect that had 200 damage that would have been auto KO’d when Yveltal is tagged in…

If my prizes weren’t bad the following still holds

  • T1 Emerald Slash
  • T2 KO with Emerald slash
  • T3 Gboost
  • T4 Red Signal Shaymin gg

That strategy worked like clockwork throughout the day as I went 4-1-1

I also had a few T1 Gboosts

I bumped my grass energy count to 12 and I missed a Max elixer only once this weekend

How did you afford to do so? What space did you find? Has anyone else liked the Maxie’s version?

The Maxie’s version is bad unless you’re playing Ho-oh-EX

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