Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX variants // BLW-on 2016

With Max Elixer and Hoopa, surely Virgen can see some play again

If one had to bulk up their baisic energy count from 8 to 10, the chances of hitting an energy with max elixer and getting a turn 1 emerald slash is quite higher

Also, with toad being so big in expanded, as well as the Primal Kyogre and Groudon being played again, shouldn’t this be a good deck to play again?

Considering swapping out Muscle for FFB

This deck does get hit hard by Vespiquen/Flareon and Night March, but shouldn’t red signalling the Shaymins balance out the prize trade off?

Any advice on bringing this deck back is much appreciated…

Its definitely worth a try for sure, but just thinking in my mind, “What about the Sableye matchup?” Because if they just head ringer your mons and then get rid of your energies, what do you do then?

Sabeleye match up is theoretically the easiest as all u need is to power up one big virizion and keep hitting 70 while powering up another virizizion and energy switching back to active to ensure u don’t get hammered down badly…

I think Sabeleye is the best match up you can hope for

Giratina is tough because you can’t red signal…However one lysandre can help you bring out the toads

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Apparently a Virizion/Genesect deck with Max Elixers made top 8 at Florida. Their only tech was a Dedenne FFI.

I think the deck has potential if you can find some way to tech against Bees or night March. Jirachi XY67 is simple fix for Night March tat works most of the time, but I’m not sure about Bees.

Eventually, you’re going to run out of energy unless you have a ton of ways to get it back.

RE: Jirachi

I’m not sure how helpful this is because all the nm player needs to is not attach and attack next turn and Jirachi does jack all the next turn

If they don’t attack, you’re still getting an extra turn.

That’s why you play scrapper and hope they BAN Sableye lol

I forgot!

I will add that

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Extra turn, then what?

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Retreat with Skyarrow and do something.

Also, on an unrelated note, is it better to go first or second with this deck?

I think the deck definitely needs a Seismitoad to keep the Sableye matchup winnable.


hoenstly, sabeleye is my fave match up

I don’t think the 1 Colress Machine is needed anymore since you run 4 Max Elixir.

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I would definetly run a Seismitoad and a Tool Scrapper for Sableye. The Raikou/Eels decks that did well this past weekend utilized this to great success. Once you get rid of their Float Stone on Garbodor and the Head Ringer on your Keldeo, all you need is that one turn to go crazy with Dynamotor and put 3-4 Basic Energies onto Toad, and you basically win from there. I don’t see why the same idea couldn’t be employed in VirGen/Max Elixir.

true. but it helps with T1 Gboost Donk

Max Elixir is still better in my opinion. It can be used on a bunch of things, not just Genesect EX.

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The advantage to Colress Machine is it’s garunteed unless you don’t have any left in your deck.

Max Elixir is the only reason I believe this deck is viable in expanded.


That Sableye player must be terrible at this game, because you’re playing the matchup awfully. (Judging by his Trubbish, I think that’s the case.)

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You know you’re doing something wrong when Sableye actually KOs you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: