Virizion-EX, Genesect-EX Variants // BCR-on

Then you’d probably be feeling rather silly for not running Raichu instead.


What do you all think about my Virizion/Genesect/Empoleon deck?:


4 VirizionEX

3 GenesectEX

2 JirachiEX

2 Exeggcute

2 Empoleon


4 Professor Sycamore

1 N

1 Skyla

1 Colress

1 Shadow Triad

1 Archie’s Ace in the Hole

1 Lysandre’s Trump Card

4 VS Seeker

4 Ultra Ball

4 Battle Compressor

4 Acro Bike

2 Muscle Band

2 Switch

1 Professor’s Letter

1 Town Map

1 G Booster


9 Grass

2 Water

3 Plasma

I really want to play this for U.S. Nationals so all advice is appreciated!

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Please don’t play this.

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My suggestions:
-2 Empoleon
-2 Water
+2 Shaymin
+2 Grass
-1 Archie’s Long, bad choice for a name card
+1 N
-1 Exeggcute
+1 Deoxys [OHKOs on MegaMan]
-4 Acro bike

  • 2 Pikachu
  • 2 Raichu
    -4 Battle compressor
    +2 Plasma Frigate
    +2 N
    -1 Switch
    +1 Plasma
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If you don’t mind, I’m going to do some testing with your exact 60-card list and see how it does, then I’ll test it with my changes. I’lll tell you which one does better.

Currently, people are not playing virgen because it is too slow in this format of pure speed.
If you are looking for another deck, try Night March or Seismitoad-EX Variants

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Add one Deoxys EX to one shot outragers and other 130 HP pokes as well as Mega Manectric EX (w/ G-Booster) 210 HP pokes.

The biggest problem I see is what do you do if they play Silent Lab? Without Skyla, having a one of stadium isn’t going to do you any favors. You need a high count, good counter stadium or way to block stadiums. Maybe a 1-1 Ninetales PRC?

I also think this deck could benefit greatly from an Energy Switch or two.

Isn’t it so satisfying to Megalo Cannon a Shaymin EX that was Red Signaled for two prize cards? I think it’s pretty awesome myself.

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I am not being biased as I say this, as I had played Virizion/Genesect during the majority of the 2014 season. I don’t think Virizion/Genesect is very viable at all: it is very slow compared to other speed deck of today, 200 damage;no effect applied is event that great anymore, and the deck uses all EX Pokemon.

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It beats Toad and Groudon but that’s pretty much it.

And Primal Kyogre, but yeah, I get the point you’re making. I wouldn’t even begin to consider this as an archetype in ROS

Now that LTC is banned, do you thin VirGen can keep up with the Speed demands?

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is Josh PoetPierce’s t8 UK Nationals VirGenToad deck.

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Intresting list. I don’t think it will do well with Toad digging its grave

I think it already has done well. It did win UK Nats. :wink:

It top 8’d nats.


And that was WITH trump card in the format. Who knows without it.

Yeah, exactly. It’s barely relevant now.

Oh, my implication was that it had gotten even better with toad being limited to 4 chammers (excluding things like Bunnelby PCL, Milotic PCL, and Dowsing Machine) per game being its downfall.

The current problem with Virizion/Genesect is the amount of Landorus/Bats and Night March being played. Seismitoad has little to no relevance to this deck’s viability currently.

I always found the deck much better in an all or heavy Toad environment. With it gone, it loses a good match up