"VirGenCel" (Virizion EX, Genesect EX, Celebi Prime) Variants // Legacy

VirGen has seen play since it’s release, and has had a number of impressive results, including a first place finish at worlds 2014 piloted by Andrew Estrada.

Use a combination of Celibi Prime and Virizion EX to power up a quick Genesect EX. Once you’re set up, use a combination of Red Signal and G-Booster to blow up your opponent’s side of the field.
This deck is an extremely consistent tier 1 deck.

List could probably be improved with a bit of testing.


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What do you do against Durant/Klinklang and any Safeguarders? Also not saying these are Tier 1 cards or anything but just wondering.

Straight up win? t2 g-booster on Klinklang seems alright here.

G-Booster gets around them?

Obligatory “rtfc” comment.
Yes, it does.


Oh ok, what if they devour away your G-Booster and Junk Arms? And then what do you do?

Hex Maniac?

tbh that will never happen. Plus I have shadow triad. Plus DurantKlang is bad.
For future reference, “what if?” questions answer themselves.

@ccloughley I don’t think you grasp how legacy works?


Maybe run Professor’s Letter over Energy Search?

The format is HGSS-LTR, so cards from XY-on are not legal. That answers your question in another thread as well.


My bad, sorry about that.