Vileplume AOR Variants // BLW-on 2016

So, this deck has lots of potential. Paralyze and Poison with Accelgor, item lock with Vileplume, move damage with Dusknoir, basically put them in a continuous lock they can’t get out of.

Here’s a list:
4 Shelmet FFI/PLB
3 Accelgor DEX
3 Unown AOR
3 Shaymin ex
2-2-2 Vileplume AOR
2-2 Dusclops FLF
2 Dusknoir BCR
2 Mew ex

4 Forest of Giant Plants

4 Level Ball
3 Ultra Ball
2 Heavy Ball
2 Pokemon Communication
1 Computer Search

4 N
3 Professor Sycamore
1 AZ
1 Xerosic
1 Trevor
2 Skyla

4 Double Colorless Energy

Card Choices:
4 Unown, 3 Shaymin:
You need as much acceleration as possible. Especially to get back Accelgors and DCEs under item lock.
1 Trevor:

(For those of you that have never seen it.)
This is a nice addition for some non-item Pokemon grab.
1 AZ:
Sometimes, you need to pick up a Shaymin for some draw, or use level ball, so you pick up a Vileplume.
1 Xerosic:
For if they attatch a Float Stone to a Truubbish early.
No Lysandre:
You want to complete the lock with Dusknoir, so you will probably keep a Pokemon active for the whole game and not change it.
2 Skyla:
To get draw supporters, or early Float Stones.

Well, I think that covers it! Post your thoughts and theories here!

you are running one-of supporters without ANY VS Seeker. I know that you are item locked, but still, when you AZ to use items that is your last turn of items for the game, save an unfortunate KO of vileplume. you are running too many items to accept that loss of space, not just in your occasional match against toad, but in every game.

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Is there a reason why you dont run Mew EX? Remember the version of this deck that won nationals in 2014? I think it helps the consistency considerably


Unfortunately, this list is pretty tight. If you guys have changes I’d love to hear them. Thinking of taking out Float Stone because you can always promote another Accelgor, though.

I really think this deck has potential. Thank you for including the Trevor, a lot of people I know don’t think it’s needed, I disagree. The big thing with this deck is to be able to keep using deck and cover, even when under your own item lock. This deck could be said to be worse than accelgor/trevenant, but with this deck, they can’t just Lysandre out of the lock. I’d post a list now, but I’m at the dentists and am going to lacrosse after this. I’ll definitely post a list tonight.


Yep. Just decided that Float Stone is not
needed. Added two Mew ex and another AZ.

It won worlds by the way.

Actually it won nats in 2013 and didnt win worlds (unless you’re talking about seniors which trevenant accelgor did win in 2014).
More AZ and vs seeker could be used so you can pick up vileplume play trainers and replay vileplume could be good but then you may need more skyla.
Also what do you plan to do when they lysandre a heavy pokemon like dusknoir or vileplume and you cant move it? There’s AZ but it’s not guaranteed you’ll have one and if you don’t have it after they use lysandre you have a problem


That is a problem… Ok, now I remember my original reason for running Float Stone.

what do you promote after deck and cover?

Another Accelgor/Mew so you have another one ready and up there.

Try Wailord with float stone for fun haha.

So if they play pkmn center lady, keldeo, or hex maniac, you curl up and die?

Center lady shouldn’t matter, they need two keldeo on the field and the hex maniac buys them one turn but it still FeelsBadMan if they do get those things.

Yeah, Wailord probably is the best choice. My my list is REALLY tight…

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Remember that without the constraint of needing a trevenant active every turn that leaves open the option of other pokemon to switch into such as wobbuffet, sigilyph etc.

Wobbufet shuts off Vileplume.

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Why would this deck need safeguarders or any Pokemon to specifically switch into anyway? This would only come in handy if they can attack, and if they can do this, the lock obviously hasn’t worked, and your basically just attacking for 50 a turn and leaving a Safeguarder active. Then they bring out a non EX. Those spots should just be used to boost consistency.

The point of Accelgor is to lock. They can’t switch into a Pokemon without Virizion to shut off paralysis or keldeo.

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Got my dates mixed up hah. But yeah with accelgor/mew you should be paralyzing them each turn then promoting a fresh mew/accelgor. As long as they dont have a virizion ex then they should be stuck active paralyzed, poisoned, and unable to play switch. If they have a keldeo down with a float stone already attached i guess they can break the lock but i dont think thatd be a huge problem as theyd have to had attached the stone before plume comes out (which should be turn 1/2).

Edit: OP, you also don’t have an ace spec in your list.

Wow. Didn’t notice that! Thanks!