Vikavolt energy acceleration


Vikavolt, on first glance doesn’t’ t seem very good with 150 and discard 3 energy. But look again the ability hides a destructive ability. To start with, strong charge lets you search for a grass and electric energy and attach them to any of your pokemon. So now you can attach 3 energy per turn, pretty good indeed. This means you can electro cannon (once powered up) every single turn. 150 damage every turn is monstrous for all non ex or gx attackers. Will also one shot many ex’ can also use it as support to power up m mewtwo or lugia ex or other pokemon. The main problem is that volatile is a there 2. Rare candy helps solve the problem as well as wally and evosoda. 150 hp is not shabby either.


Vikavolt definitely can be good on its own. It made my Ho-Oh EX BKP deck even stronger which is my favorite deck in the format.

Energy recycler or Brocks Grit?
Super rod
Proffesors letter

Vikavolt is good but can’t take full andvantage of FOGP. Not yet at least.


Yes definitely nice to see a good vika deck idea


Would love to see a straight vikavolt/lugia-EX deck with maybe a tech vikavolt-GX. I don’t think it needs to be able to fully abuse forest to work, although I wouldn’t mind it. I’d play forest in it even just for the basic->stage 1 early game.


Ya that would be cool


And what do you mean by vikavolt gx

It isn’t out yet


Got it after sending message I searched around and found that exact video


Once vikavolt GX is out I personally believe this could be a very strong archetype, especially with vikavolts GX attack mixed wide lens (destroys all of their shaymins).


exactly. a very formidable foe if against am i correct


Is Ho-oh BKT any good? I can’t see it beating any of the popular decks.


I wouldnt use ho-oh bkt. The cost of can’t attack during your next turn is bad. There are ways to fix that kind of effect. You could probably find a ho-oh bkt strategy guide if you want. Another problem is energy cost.


You know what, when you figure out what cards do I’ll criticize your posts in a different tone


I believe it’s ho-oh EX


what exactly do you know and swan [quote=“swan, post:14, topic:10223, full:true”]
I believe it’s ho-oh EX

Thank you


I think vikavolt is not good until vikavolt GX
comes out. We can’t talk depth about SM2 strategy until it comes out, so this thread should at least be in the uncategorized mete thread.


I don’t know how so you can if you want yguy


Agreed. As of now Vikavolt is pretty garbage. Timer ball can give it a great consistency boost but besides that it’s still lacking strong basic attackers and a way to hit 180+.


where does it say that ho oh ex cant attack during the next turn?


it dosent i thought he meant ho oh break