Vespiquen/Eeveelutions in Standard

I’ve tried to build a budget deck for the current standard format, e.g no shaymin. However, already wildly over budget so i am going down with the sinking ship that is now know as my deck. Due to living in Australia, and building this deck so close to the cities, I am unable to get cards off American sites like Troll and Toad, but instead stuck with ebay, so everythings at a premium… e.g a single Sycamore at around 7 bucks, sigh.

Current Deck List

Pokemon - 23
Vespiquen 4-4
Eevee 3
Jolteon AOR 2
Flareon AOR 2
Vaporeon AOR 1
Sylveon FUF 1 - As a counter to Giratina by move/ discarding DDE and DCE
Ariados AOR 1-1 - As a counter to Focus Sash
Unown 4

Energies - 8
Rainbow Energy BKT 2
Fairy Energy 2 - Fuels the sylveon to counter giratina

Trainers - 29
Level Ball AOR 4
Ultra Ball ROS 2
Trainers’ Mail ROS 4 - with eight drawing trainers i should always be able to get a fresh hand even without vs seekers
Acro Bike PCL 2
Sacred Ash PCL 1
Battle Compressor PHF 3

Professor Sycamore XY 4
Shauna PHF 4
Teammates PCL 2
Xerosic PHF 1

Forest of Gaint Plants 2

Testing, it struggles against M-Manectric decks and Giratine/Vileplume but if both decks don’t up too quickly it isn’t impossible to win. Fighting Fury Belt from Breakpoint will help and get Vespiquens HP out of Giratina and, most of the time, M-Manectrics range.

Any ideas?

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