Vespiquen AOR 10 Variants // XY-on 2016


Which ones are useless? Raichu benefits from any of them being on the bench, Unown is always useful to power up both and draw, discard too many queens and it can’t be your late game savior. Clearly though it’s probably safe to discard extra Flareon/Eevee once you have one set up (though that is still a risk, it seems worth it.


Identify your matchup. Discard the unneeded cards.


Unless you are prepared to discard quite a lot of Pokemon, there is little point in running Vespiquen.

That’s sort of how the deck works.


I had level balls early on, but the more I tested the more I find myself reliant on getting the T1 Ultra Ball for Shaymin(s) to get that early set up, and in the end Level Ball went down and down in the ranks of cards needed until it dropped out entirely as my 61st card.

As for what to discard, the short answer would be it depends on your match up, what cards you have in your deck, what cards are in play and what cards you have discarded.

If you want a longer, more specific answer, I can give it to you, but not until after my exams next week.


Thanks for that answer! I will try the deck list and maybe I will figure it out myself :slight_smile: That makes sense about the T1 Shaymin, agree for sure on that. I also suppose without any compressors you have more targets you’re drawing normally. Thanks again for the deck list looking forward to testing it out!


So, here is my list, constructive criticism wanted. Please tell me what you think, even if its harsh lol.
Pokemon: 24
4 combee
4 vespiquen
3 eevee
1 flareon
2 jolteon
4 unknown
2 bunnelby
2-2 slurpuff

2 lightning
4 dce
1 fire

3 trainers mail
3 ultra ball
3 level ball
4 battle compressor
4 vs seeker
3 sycamore
2 hex maniac
3 muscle band
2 pbo
1 lysandre
2 forest of giant plants
I have been thinking of dropping a bunnelby and ultra ball for a 4th eevee and 2nd flareon, and maybe taking something out for a 4th level ball.


I have actually started testing an Ariados line instead of Puff. The extra damage can be very helpful in some situations. I also personally run a 1-1 split if Faded town and GPF. The extra damage for megas is really,really good, and can make knockouts way easier, especially against slow decks like P Groudon and P Kyogre.


You already hit both for weakness


I know but it gets around focus sash, which is nice, and sometimes hard charm can be a pain (notice I said sometimes), so it helps deal with that too.


4 Combee
4 Vespiquen
4 Unown
3 Eevee
2 Flareon
1 Jolteon
2 Shaymin
4 Pikachu
3 Raichu

4 Level Ball
2 Ultra Ball
4 Battle Compressor
4 Sycamore
2 Lysandre
3 Vs Seeker
3 Skyfield
1 Blacksmith

4 Fire


Has anybody settled on a decent build? I keep toying with mine and I have league tonight. So far mine is a raichu vespiquen deck but if anyone has found a good one that works well would love to know


i think the best option right now is raichu/vquen

i`m testing this with good results.

3 Combee
3 Vespiquen
4 Unown
3 Eevee
2 Flareon
1 Vaporeon
2 Shaymin
3 Pikachu
3 Raichu

4 Ultra Ball
3 Battle Compressor
4 Sycamore
4 Trainer’s Mail
1 Lysandre
1 Hex Maniac
4 Vs Seeker
3 Skyfield
1 Blacksmith

4 Fire


No level ball? I played similar deck to this tonight at local league and went 2-3, it’s ok but takes a while get set up enough to hit hard


4 Combee
4 Vespiquen
4 Unown
3 Eevee AOR
2 Jolteon AOR
2 Flareon AOR
3 Shaymin ex
2 Bronzor
2 Bronzong

4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Metal Energy

2 Faded Town

4 Professor Juniper
2 Lysandre
1 Shauna
1 AZ

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Battle Compressor
3 Level Ball
2 Muscle Band


How was Bronzong worked out for you? I’ve seen a lot of PTCGO vespiquen run a couple of copies and never once have i actually seen it used properly. From this post, I’m going to start testing, but i was wondering about everyone else’s testing with Bronzong


So, what would the optimum Pokemon count be? I’ve got this:

4 Combee
4 Vespiquen
4 Eevee (ANO)
2 Flareon
2 Jolteon
4 Unown
2 Shaymin EX
1 Swampert (diving search)

So, 23 in total.


25 if u want a 1-1 Lin of bronzong or eels. I forget if tho is standard


I really don’t like Swampert in them, it just takes too many cards to get out consistently.

I also don’t really like 4 Eevee, you really will only use like 2 or 3 MAX. I’ve been trying it with just weird, oddly situational cards, like Raichu for Shaymins, or Swellow for the Circulator.


Oh, yeah, its near impossible to get out an archies in tho format.


Fair point, but it worked for someone in my league, so I thought I’d try it. But yeah, you can’t really get it out.
Good point about the Eevees, but they A) are cannon fodder, and B) increase the chance of starting with one.
Hey, do you think Vaporeon is worth it? Because of Camerupt and Fire weakness.