Vespiquen AOR 10 Variants // XY-on 2016


His regionals dont have Mewtwo
What does that have to do with vespiquen?


Breakthrough isn’t legal for my regionals jirachi is right
But I will consider some things said though
I’ll think about breakthrough when it’s relevant


I think it’s worth noting that ariados is only good if you’re expecting a lot of mienshao. In XY-AORA, it’s probably a good choice, but in every other matchup, don’t even try to get it out. The 10 poison damage is inferior to the 20 damage it provides in the discard.


Where’s the Expanded Vespiquen thread?


Yes girls! (we do play Pokemon too…)
But seriously, the advice is a bit late, but I would tweak like so:
+1 Blacksmith - Always a good idea in Bees, as it helps when the 'Tinas come.
-2 FoGP - You don’t need that many. A T1 Vespi is only useful if your opponent starts with a non-EX, which a lot of decks will try to avoid; or you pull a dead lucky opening hand.
+1 Sacred Ash - A must in a deck that relies on discarding Pokemon.

Also, do you find that Hex Maniac works? I usually get my hands on it and then can’t use it, as it cancels out abilities that I’ll be using. Or it just ends up in the discard after a Sycamore.


Here. Is this what you’re looking for?


Yeah, thanks a lot. Couldn’t find it myself, it was so buried. :smile:


With the release of breakthrough I think that vespeqiun becomes a lot better. The zoruark in breakthrough will help vespeqiun a ton. Im thinking run a 4-4. Vespeqiun and zoruark. Then run a 3 2 2 1 evvelotions with this you alnost have all of your pokemon. With weakness zoruark hits huge. If you hit weakness and your oppenent has 3 bennched pokemon you hit for 200. Yep that’s right 200 for a dce. Than rap up the game with vespeqiun.
Do you think this is a good idea?


No prob! :grinning:
I had issues myself, so I know where you’re coming from.


I dissagree with this deck. use 2 training center, 2 fogp, 1 faded, 2 flare and jolt, and no birch. 3 trainers mail, 3 vs seeker, 1 blacksmith, 4 fire energy. Take out acro bike, then shaymin, then replace it with 2-2 octillery. See how this deck works. Its really good! Idk what the card count is now, but if its over 60, take out shauna and training center


Take out shay in in a speed deck. Seems legit. Than replace it with a slow evolution.
</ sarcasm>


Why does this deck have to be fast? It’s only fast because it has been fast, not by necessity. It’s nice, sure, but I’d rather get a good late game and win than get stuck when my opponent keeps Lysandring up Shaymins for 2 prizes and I can’t trade well enough.

This deck can afford to go down a few prizes setting up w/o Shaymins because it only has 1 prize Pokemon. If it ran EXs it wouldn’t be as true, but I’d at least be interested to try it, the logic fits for me.


Decks with low HP Pokemon and no lock are almost always fast. Even if they do only give up one Prize, they find it difficult to trade KOs because they need a lot of (limited) resources to keep attacking (evos/DCEs).

Vespiquen also runs into problems if the opponent has the time to set up high HP Megas.


Is my deck list pretty good?
4 unown
4-4 vespiquen
4-2/2 flareon/jolteon
2-2 octillery

4 juniper
2 lysandre
3 trainers mail
4 u ball
4 b compressor
2 wally
1 teammates
1 skyla
3 forest of giant plants
3enhanced hammer
1 blacksmith

4 dce
4 fire


You’re not running anywhere near enough Pokemon to actually knock an EX out in one attack. That’s the biggest issue.


You would have to discard EVERY Pokemon in your deck besides the bees to hit just 180. That would leave you short of KOing Megas, and you’d have no Blacksmith power anymore since you discarded Flareons and Eevees for the precious damage you barely have available. This would all go downhill if anything is prized. Wallies and Ehammers are some of the worst cards you can put in a Vespiqueen deck, why Wally if you have the stadium?, and the stadium (if you are desperate to run it) should have a maximum count of 1. Also, without Shaymin you are not going to experience the true power of the deck.
So my answer to your question is no.


I’ve recently have been testing this lost with Gourgeist PHF and Slurpuff PHF (I don’t have the actually lost with me atm) and it’s really nice, I also threw in an Aridos AOR the deck is super fast (like all vespiquen decks) but maybe a little too fast…


Why not E-hammers? They can come in dead handy.


You definitely want more pokemon, with the amount you have, you’ll never be able to hit the magic numbers. Also there is no deck in this format that doesn’t need Shaymin (exept Groudon). And I think those 3 spaces for enhanced hammers would go be better off as pokemon (though enhanced hammer is very good).


Enhanced hammers are only good if your opponent has special energy. So its only useful a percentage of the time. I would rather add in a card that is useful 100% of the time, like a few more Pokemon for you to discard.