Vespiquen AOR 10 | Flareon PLF Variants // BLW-on 2016


Yes, it means not needed.


OK then. Cheers for clearing that up.


Is this deck still a solid choice? I’ve been reading various articles and none of them even seem to be thinking about Flareon/Vespiquen in their deck choice evaluations, much less in their power rankings.

What do you guys think? Is the deck still good, and where does it lie in the new meta’s food chain?


Scoops to trees, treads on shaky ground vs yveltal, has a neutral matchup vs Raikou and g-don


I would think Raikou is a really bad matchup.


It’s about even. If the Flare/bees player can kill and hex in the same turn it’s practically over and they’ve won.


Beats Rayquaza and Toad, evens against March and mirror, Tina is hard but possible.


Definitely doesn’t beat Toad, assuming you’re talking about Toad Gira or Toad Bats. Both have very good Vespiquen matchups. Rayquaza is also no walk in the park either.


50/50 at worst for the bees player. Testing vs Tony has confirmed this.

This is whoever goes first, unless someone dead draws or toadbats misses the lab.

This is also a case of whoever goes first. However, if the bees player runs Jolt, then the matchup may be slightly in their favor.