Vespiquen AOR 10 | Flareon PLF Variants // BLW-on 2016


XY67 is not for toad, it is for when you’re opponent has to set up Tina. It can also be used against toad when they have outspend you (although this should not happen without you dead drawing excessively).


Well in Oregon no one plays Toadtina, so I could use the space for more valuable stuff.


Well in regionals players play toad/Tina, just a thought. If you were going to a regionals.


People don’t play ToadTina in Oregon! Like at Oregon Regionals, ToadTina isn’t a big deck on my radar!


Prepare for all the out-of-town players to play toad for Oregon to counter all the sableye


But toad doesn’t counter Sableye. Aside from Toad/Bats, toad folds to Sableye, and even Toad/Bats can still lose pretty hard depending on whether garb is established.


I found out the hard way Sableye players play more than 4 supporter energy denial.


How’s this? :anguished:

Pokemon - 27

4 Combee (AOR)
4 Vespiquen (AOR)
4 Eevee (FFI)
4 Flareon (PHF)
1 Jolteon (AOR)
4 Unown (AOR)
2 Shaymin EX (ROS)
1 Jirachi (Promo)
2 Exeggcute (PLF)
1 Entei (AOR)

Trainers - 26 (15 Items, 8 Supporters, 1 Stadium)

4 VS Seeker
4 Battle Compressor
4 Ultra Ball
2 Muscle Band
1 Sacred Ash
1 Float Stone
1 Life Dew (ACE SPEC)
3 Professor Sycamore
2 Lysandre
1 Xerosic
1 Blacksmith
1 Professor Birch’s Observations
1 Tropical Beach

Energy - 7

3 Fire Energy (Basic)
4 Double Colourless Energy (Special)

Opinions are very welcome, as long as they are constructive. :wink:


Also, does Puzzle of Time work consistently? It looks OP but not sure if it will take up too much space.


When you run teammates, yes, I would say it is worth it, but when you don’t, don’t waste space.


So, 1 Teammates plus 4 PoT? Is that what you’re saying?


-1 Egg
-1 Ash
-2 Band
-1 Birch

+2 Wobb
+1 float stone
+1 bangle
+1 teammates


As in the ability-lock Wobbuffet?


Does the double-Egg strategy not work for you?


2 egg is extremely redundant and unnecessary. There are infinitely better cards to play.


Oh. Okay then. :expressionless: Cheers for replying though.


Hmm… What about Target Whistle? It works in Night March, so why not here?




Yes, ability lock Wobb as it shuts off Archeops.


Uhh… Is that good or bad?