Vespiquen AOR 10 | Flareon PLF Variants // BLW-on 2016


I built a Vespi/Flareon list but really like the addition of fire energy specifically to get around Archeops (Ive been testing various Archeops builds vs Vespi/Flareon) and it really helps. Hex Maniac would be a good addition too, as someone else mentioned. Have you tested much vs lock decks like Trev/Accelgor or Vileplume variants?


I have and the one of Hex has helped since you play so many discard cards its not hard to get rid of early then VS for later.


4 Combee
4 Vespiquen
4 Unown
3 Eevee AOR/PLF
1 Jolteon AOR
3 Flareon PLF
2 Shaymin ex
1 Jirachi ex
2 Tynamo
2 Eelektrik NVI

4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Lightning Energy

2 Faded Town

4 Professor Juniper
2 N
2 Lysandre
1 Hex Maniac

4 VS Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
4 Battle Compressor
3 Level Ball
2 Silver Bangle


I like idea of eels but have you tested it against archeops? In the games I’ve done with a fire energy variant it’s been crucial to evolve through the evee ability.


Against Archeops you turn pale and cry cause you can’t even get V-Quen out.


Which is why Evosoda, Hex Maniac, and VS Seeker are solid choices in this deck. You only need 1-2 turns of no Archeops to swarm your bench with Stage 1 Pokemon, and after that they can’t really do too much with Archeops since their lock was just rendered near useless. Battle Compressor and Hex Maniac or Level Ball > Jirachi > Hex Maniac in particular are potent combos against Archeops based decks.


I haven’t had any problems with Archeops (maybe thats a little bit of an exaggeration, but whatever), all you do is just wait until you are able to obtain at least 2 Queens in your hand, Battle Compressor Hex Maniac, VS Seeker (or maybe the Hex was already in you hand, or whatever the situation is), and drop all your Queens and start swinging. I’ve dropped at least 3-4 Queens in one turn when using this strategy. I think at least one Hex is mandatory in this deck in expanded. I think you can afford to drop an ultra ball for the Hex, as 3-3 level/ultra ball has always been fine for me. Also, I like a 1-1 split of Faded town and fogp. They can both almost always be useful in many situations. Even if your one faded town is bumped in one turn, those 2 damage counters can make the difference between a ko and not a ko on a mega. Also, the ability to attack on t1 (going 2nd) with fogp is always nice if you feel the need to extend that much.


Anyone have a possible addition to combat mega manectric/Maxie’s groudon? That was the only odd matchup we had tonight at a LC. Seems like just a bad one because of mega manectric but maybe more faded towns (have one right now)


How did that deck do? I don’t think that will be mainstream enough to counter, but if it does the faded town is a solid option.


My daughter piloted vespi/flareon and got 2nd (3-1) in juniors. The player who placed 1st in juniors at 4-0 played Mega Manectric/Maxie’s Groudon. I don’t think he had a non-ex attacker in his build but I could be wrong. In any event, I agree that an additional faded town would be the way to go.


Yeah, pretty much the only way to beat high HP Mega EX Pokemon like Tyranitar and (especially) Manectric without hitting for weakness would be with faded town. It’s almost impossible to land a OHKO, whereas they’ll be ripping through your bees pretty fast. So that extra 20-40 damage is huge and really helps you to knock out those Megas.


One of my Juniors I’ve been helping at league won a LC and got second with another with Vespiquen. Ran with 4 Plasma Flareon, 3 shaymin faded town times 2. Mvp was life dew slap it on a poisoned asleep Flareon or queen no prizes.


Hello, I play Vespiquen in real life and have some fun with the deck: I recently played a league challenge and my two losses were Donphan, (an expanded league challenge) which is just a bad matchup in general, and the mirror. The mirror really got me thinking, how prominent is Shaymin and Sky Returning, how to keep track of DCE’s, the importance of going first, etc. I thought Life Dew could be a good Ace Spec to keep up in the prize trade, but what else can I do to win the mirror match?


Life Dew is a good addition. Also, if you can Lysandre up an opposing EX (usually gonna be a Shaymin) and take that early, it might help in the revenge KO exchange. When I test against Night March, thats what I do early against a Shaymin just to put them on the defensive (March players probably won’t bench a Mew against Vespi/Flareon but may need to get the cards running with Shaymin).

TheMetaDeck (on youtube) had a build that include a small evo line from Roaring Skies that has the trait to take an additional prize. I haven’t tested that but it may be worth the thought though space is probably tight in your build. W


Edited my above list to take out both flareons and a jolteon for 3 flareon plf


Eevee FFI and Basic Fire Energy is far more superior in my opinion than Eevee AOR/PLF. It gives you a more reliable out to attackers vs Archeops in the form of Flareon PLF, which will do wonders against Yveltal/Arceops and Night March/Archeops.


You’re not going to want your eeveeloutions out against archeops. What would that do?


It would make your Eevee evolve from the deck, instead of you crying about not being able to evolve it from hand. Not sure if it is the right way to combat the prehistoric bird though…


Well for starters it would let you attack. That might be important for winning the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you manage to somehow get a Jolteon out you can even hit Yveltal/Archeops for weakness with Flareon.


So after playing this deck for a while, I have started wondering if Jirachi PROMO is really worth it. Against toad I have to put my resources towards getting it out turn one or I wont be able to under item lock, and even then I either have to find under item lock one of my 3 fire energy or the dce I want to be putting on Vespiquen. I feel like i should just be putting my resources towards setting up bees to take knockouts on toad instead of stalling.