Venusaur-EX Variants // BCR-on

Also, what is sailors?

Try m-Venosaur/Vileplume.

Well, that will be something we’ll look at in the next Standard Format. Or Expanded, since M Saur needs something to let it keep up the lock.

Who’s going to waste five more turns attacking to heal, then set up venasaur all over again?

Discards enrgy attached to miltank, not the target

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I really want to put milktank into the deck but I dont really have space and also with miltank in the deck how many DCE should you play?

2 (maybe 3) Miltank, and 3 DCE.

Made this earlier today. Should keep up with w/l record but I haven’t. I’ve had fun playing it. Using a lot of card draw to try and dig myself out of bad spots with a bit of energy disruption.

2x Shaymin-EX
3x Venusaur-EX
2x Manectric-EX
4x Zekrom

2x Crushing Hammer
2x Enhanced Hammer
2x Trainer’s Mail
2x Ultra Ball
2x VS’s Seeker
1x AZ
1x Cassius
4x Cheren
1x Colress
2x Lysandre
4x N
1x Pokemon Center Lady
4x Professor Sycamore
4x Team Flare Grunt
1x Xerosic

4x Double Energy
4x Rainbow Energy
4x Grass Energy
4x Electric Energy

I decided to add 2 miltank 3 dce to my list

My suggestions are:

-1 Enhanced Hammer

-4 Cheren

-2 Team Flare Grunt

+1 Crushing Hammer

+2 Trainers’ Mail

+2 Ultra Ball

+1 VS Seeker

+1 Colress

Giving it a try right now Pokemanic.

What is the goal of the deck?

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Well to win with Venusaur or Zekrom. Draw a lot of cards to gain card advantage, and use hammers for a bit of disruption.

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