US Nationals Results & Discussion

He got 2-0’d by Patrick.

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No “go @PhinnAndJoe”?


I thought but wanted to check and make sure before I referred to Joe as @PhinnAndJoe. Anyways, he is on to Top 4!!

Congrats to Liam!!!

Unrelated to results: When I was shuffling up before an expanded side event, I got filmed for an interview for In the interview, I gave a shoutout to, so it was cool to say how beneficial a website is when the admin puts so much work into it. Related to results: @Dweinhardt Please elaborate on your response when I asked what was going on in top 8.

Unfortunately I am not at nationals but I watched quite a bit on twitch! Seems like pokemon catcher made a big difference in the night march decks especially early game against Trev! The other great thing I saw from early was that zebstrika vespiqueen and gallade deck list in the top 32 I think!! Zebstrika is great in this meta!

He beat Ethan on stream and was playing toad tina

There were two Brady that made T32, one was Night March, and one was Toad/Giratina.

Hey guys i heard pokemon is a skillful game what do you think

in other news, they kept with the trend of nu-age electronic music, and it is the worst thing i’ve ever heard,

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So the Junior championship deck is Dark/Garb/Dragons and the Senior chapionship deck is Toad/Garb/Tina.

Also, it really bugs me how none of the casters can pronounce “Bourgeois”.

Thanks for all the support this weekend guys!

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check my season report for a report on the tourney.

My son was the Brady who got 13th with nightmarch in the senior division. We had a great time and congratulations to everyone.


Tell him congrats, I played him Day 1 and we tied. Very respectful and knew what he was doing.


Thanks! I will let him know.

I played him day one round one. He was a great player and knew what he was doing. Congrats on his top 16!

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Thanks! Did you play Blue Toolbox?

Yeah. It was a great series for sure. Good luck at worlds!

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