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Good Luck Everyone!

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Made Day 2 at 6-1-2. Will post standings once they’re up.


My friend Sebastian in Juniors made top cut with 5-2-1.
I can’t help more cause I’m not there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My brother made top 32 juniors (there is day two Swiss for them) with a trev list that he’s probably only ever played the night before and had for two weeks. #majorskillz

As for me, I am a very salty scrub. Hit all good matchups (except for mirror which I went 1-1 against) and somehow went 5-3-1 coming in 78th which is one spot better than last year. Don’t ask me what happened I can’t relive it.

In other news, Ethan Colborn keeps his godlike record of getting first seed by going 8-0-1 in seniors.

What happened on stream?

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<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2daf425f32e3afa5050d1d66482f8764aea22e9b.jpeg" width=“375” height=“500”

Seniors. Wasn’t there long enough to get the Masters standings.


Preston Ellis… The most unlucky kid on the planet

Have you even met me

But not Antionio De Souza?

I’m sorry, who’s that?

Tied my last round so I got 55th :frowning: good luck to everyone stil playing!

Drew mcguiness (number 29) played garchomp. That is all I know lol

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The guy who got 33 and missed cut by 1

Preston got top four at two regionals, got second at two states and got ninth last year at nationals

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Oooook never mind then

1-4 today totaling out to 7-5-2. Whoops?

Sorry Buddy. I was rooting you on. Any ideas on what the Cut is looking like?

Night March/Bees
Mega Ray/Jolteon
Night March/Bees
Night March/Bees
Water box
Mega Man/Jolteon/Raikou/Garbodor

So, no DarkGarb in Top 8. Interesting

GO ALEX B! GO GETTEM @smashandslash!