UPDATED PROBLEM: WordPress/Memberful accounts failed to sync; no Underground access


EDIT: Original topic headline: “Can’t get logged into the main site (though I’m still logged into the forums I guess?)”

So, I followed the instructions on the homepage to reset my password, clicking the link that was emailed to me and resetting my password. The thing is, though, when I put in my new password, it tells me this:

“We found an existing WordPress user account with your email address. Please sign in so we can sync the accounts.”

Well, for one thing that’s just kind of annoying, because I might not want to sync my account, but more importantly, I don’t have an existing WordPress account. To confirm that, I went to wordpress.com and attempted to reset myWordPress account password using this email address, and it doesn’t exist. There’s no WordPress account linked to this email address. Is there any way around this, or am I going to need to cancel this subscription and resubscribe using a different email address if I want to continue using the site?

EDIT: New problem explained in comment below


Your WordPress account is the SixPrizes account you’ve used to log in with up until now. It’s different than a WordPress.com account. I’ll see if I can change the text to make this more clear.

It’s necessary to sync your account so you’re able to manage your subscription and log in to read articles.


So, to be clear, login with the same 6P credentials you have always been using when you’re prompted to sync. The process will then complete, and you’ll be logged-in and subscribed.


Thanks for the clarification, guys, but now I have a new problem:

So today when I tried logging in again, all I did was click “log in” and it instantly logged me in, without me having to type anything at all. However, the whole syncing thing didn’t work out (since I didn’t understand it) and I don’t currently have the Underground privileges I paid for on the 13th.

I logged back out and reset my password again (using the big red link atop the homepage) to try and fix this, but it never asked me to sync my account after doing so. Do you guys know a way I can bring back that “sync your account” prompt and fix this?

NOTE: In the instructions, it says that after resetting my password, I should be prompted to log in, and I should log in with my old password. However, it did not prompt me to log in – I was already logged in – and if I log out and attempt to log in with my old password, it doesn’t work. It just tells me, “password invalid.” I’ve reset my password twice this evening while attempting to re-summon the “sync your account” prompt, but I can’t get it to reappear.