[Update] Furious Fists added to LackeyCCG!

The Pokemon plugin for LackeyCCG has been updated with Furious Fists!

You can get it HERE

You can find updated tutorials HERE

There are currently 3 Furious Fists card images missing. These are repeats of cards that feature in the set already but are full art versions. The images will be updated accordingly.


  • Furious Fists set.
  • Furious Fists booster pack.
  • 2 unreleased BLW Promo cards (Pikachu & Raichu).
  • 2 new formats: BCR-on and Expanded BLW-on. (Note on formats: for now I can’t “ban” cards from formats and to save having multiples of the same card I have left the whole set of BLW promo cards in. #55 onwards are legal in this new format for BCR-on.)

Still to do:

  • Add Furious Fists high quality images.
  • Add Furious Fists Theme decks.
  • Add all 6 Trainer Kits.
  • Add McDonalds Collection 2014 set.

Thank you

Where do I find the packs in the program? What do I do with them? Can I simulate openings?

Booster packs: On the Deck Editor (second tab) you can see a list of every card in the plugin and a blank deck canvas. Somewhere in between that is a tab named Card Pool (see picture one below). Click that. Then find the button ‘Add a pack or random deck’ (see picture two below). Once in there you have a list of boosters you can choose.


You don’t have to use the boosters to create decks. All the cards are available to begin with but yes you can simulate booster pack openings and save your card pool as your “virtual collection”.

Cool, thanks! Also when I try to move it to desktop and run the program it says, this can not be run, try re installing the program to fix this problem. How do I fix this?

Oh, that’s weird. I’m not sure as I didn’t write the software, only the plugin. Ask Trevor on the Lackey forums, he will be able to help solve that.

I think you have to decompress the files (2 folders) and run the lackey.exe programm (for an easy access you can create a shortcut)