Unofficial Tournament (BCR-PRC)

Is it BO1 or BO3? Just curious.

Theniceracoon won our games, @troller100

Won against thegrovylekid

2-1 against @Kirbyswag @troller100

I lost to tototavros 1-2. GGs

Lost against @Phoenix15

Comfirming. GG

2-1. :slight_smile:

how do I Enter and what doi nee

When do I have to send my game in? I would prefer to do it Friday if possible

what happened? is anyone still playing this?

A few more people need to send in their games by Saturday. It’s still alive, but only if @troller100 askes the players to send in their games.

Thank you for reminding me. I need @jarp21 @sdotgamer @GreninjaTheNinja @samuel to finish their games

Samuel and I played but he had to go so we only played once. Worst case scenario just count as if he won because he won that first game we played

Won greninja 2-0 on second game it stopped working for him and i won (so i think i won)

when is the last day to say our results?

Tomorrow. Or else I think you tie.

Yeah he beat me. In the second game it stopped responding for me so I just let him have the win so I don’t look as if I am trying to cheat or something like that.

Is this still going forward?

It depends what @troller100 says. I personally would love to continue.