Unofficial Tournament (BCR-PRC)

Max. 16 players
Min. 8 player
Best of 3
Top 4 or 2
Have Fun
Don’t send me deck lists since I’m particpating. Please be honest

I’ll be in for this.

I’ll play, but PlayTCG doesn’t work on my computer. I can play my games on other simulators like TCGone, though.

  1. @troller100
  2. @Gelato
  3. @XtremeFate
  4. @theniceracoon
  5. @thegrovylekid
  6. @Phoenix15
  7. @sdotgamer

That’s fine but if a player can’t play TCGone or the others then it will be difficult

I’d like to join but I’ll have to use TCGOne since PlayTCG doesn’t work for me.

I wouldn’t mind Joining.

Would you care to join my Temporal Tournament?

Alright thanks for telling me.

I guess I will join. :smile:

I can do either platform, but prefer playtcg. Except when someone plays Lysandre’s Trump Card. Ugh.

I’ll join this tournament.

I’ll join but i cant use playtcg

I can enter :smile: . It will be cool to play

I’ll try to add if we can get 16 but we might have a odd number
(Player Signup allowed until Friday, February 27th)

In if I can run TCGOne

I can play would prefer tcgone but can do playtcg

I can play, but only with TCGone

Round 1 Pairings
4 rounds & Top 4

  1. @troller100 (0-1) vs. @Phoenix15 (1-0)
  2. @Kirbyswag (0-1) vs. @tototavros (1-0)
  3. @thegrovylekid (0-1) vs.@theniceracoon (1-0) 4. @GreninjaTheNinja (0-0) vs. @samuel (0-0)
  4. @Gelato (0-0-1) vs. @XtremeFate (0-0-1)
  5. @jarp21 (0-0) vs @sdotgamer (0-0)
    Results due Saturday, March 7th

How can I join this tournament and are using TCG

It’s little to late but you can be replacment. Yes

Me and @Gelato tied because we couldn’t run similar systems.