(Unofficial) SixPrizes' 2015-2016 Russian-Based Season!


After reading Daria’s article on the Russian season, I thought it would be interesting to try out the Russian season to see how limited the format is. If you want to sign up, then just tell me. Signups will end at the end of May (after “Nationals” begins). All games will take place on PlayTCG, TCGOne, PTCGO or LackeyCCG.

Schedule (Very tentative, most likely will change.)

November: Autumn Regionals, XY-PRC
January: City Championships
February: Winter Regionals
March: State Championships
April: Spring Regionals
May: National Championships
June: Worlds


Additional Information:

Tournament Structure:

The tournament structure (as in the tournament held) will run exactly the same as the real life counterpart. However, I may lower the amount of players needed for top 8, top 32 swiss, etc. due to there most likely being a way lesser amount of players in this.

Each tournament will begin at the beginning of each month. You and your opponent will have 4 days to play a match on any of the simulators. If not, a game loss will be issued for both players. If you need an extension for your game, PM me.

Along with that, I will also add more tournaments (Cities, Regionals, and States) if there are more players that wish to participate. For now, there is only one tournament for each event.

More information (such as “points” given for “Worlds,” format for each tournament, etc.) TBA


Lol, as russian, I must participate in this


Wow, that’s really nice! I’d also like to participate :blush:


This seems fun!

Also, I still get to use one of my most realiable partners in the TCG, so this seems super fun! I’m in!