Unofficial PlayTCG Tournament

I’ll join. I haven’t played with the new format yet, so this will be interesting.

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I will but it depends when this is going to be

alright good only 3 more people. Reminder! No deck lists will have to be sent to me since I am also playing

I’ll join. Could use some play testing before Regionals.

I’m interested in playing :slight_smile:

Yay! My bump worked!

I’ll play in this tournament.

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I’ll join as well…

@Dialga625 Sorry there isn’t enough space wanna be a replacement in case anybody drops?

Round 1 Pairings: Due Monday, Sept 1.

  1. @Phoenix15 vs @Dogsleep
  2. @Jirachion vs @Hydr8
  3. @Pokemanic45 vs @Wrags23
  4. @troller100 vs @therocket290

Is it best of 1 or 3?

Best of 3.2020202020

I won vs @Jirachion :slight_smile:

Confirming! It was a long game… GG!

@Pokemanic45 beat me. GG!

Confimed. GG indeed!!! :smile:

@Dogsleep and I are finishing our best of 3 today. We are both 1-1. :smiley:

Eh, forgot this is best of 3. When do ya want to finish this match?

I could do 2:00 thursrday(Today).

Ah, I lost again. Had the win, then accidentally Colress’d before laying down the card that would’ve given me the win. Really not happy right now. But, GG’s nonetheless!!!