Unlimited PTCGO Friend Battles


Now that anybody can play Unlimited with whatever cards on PTCGO (like a simulator), does anybody want to play old formats?


Wait that feature actually works? So you can use ptcgo as a testing simulator with friends?


yeah, basically. I’ve not tried it yet, but I’d like to.


So PTCGOs Unlimited is set up like TCGone ot am I missing something?


Does that mean that you can play in standard and not have to buy any codes so long as you have someone to play with?


You have to have the card in your collection in order to use it with friends. In other words, RIP TCGOne-like PTCGO.


So, you can play old formats without having the cards? Like you can play the 2008 format or something?


Sorry about that then…I remember seeing something about that in the Patch notes, but I must have been mistaken.

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