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I’m just gonna say now: Mew FCO/Jirachi ROS is nothing to sniff at.


Might not be anything to sniff at, but it’s definitely something to scoff at.


By itself, it’s sucks but if it’s not your main strategy it’s great


Not even then. It’s never great, it’s just very mediocre.


Oh wait I thought it was xy67. No the ROS one sucks


Even if you thought it was the xy67 promo then why would it be paired with Mew? It’s a one energy attacker so using Mew to copy stardust is more(back to what @Dweinhardt said) “mediocre” than using it on the ROS one.


Copying Stardust with Mew can actually be pretty groovy in decks that run Dimension Valley.


Which was what I was saying


Tell me. Is Fire stuff (ie, Entei, Flareon EX) good in this meta?


I don’t think so. Greninja and Water Toolbox are quite prevalent, and Fire-types don’t really have answers for those decks that I can think off.


I have tried making a deck with Porygon-Z from AOR,and have made it as consistent as possible.Here is my list:
4x Porygon AOR
1x Porygon-2 AOR
3x Porygon-Z AOR
2x Snivy FCO
2x Servine FCO
4x Zubat PHF
3x Golbat PHF
2x Crobat PHF
1x Shaymin EX
22 Pokemon

Devolution Spray x4
Rare Candy x4
Ultra Ball x4
VS Seeker x4
Trainers’ Mail x4
Town Map x1
Shadow Circle x4
Xerosic x1
Prof. Sycamore x4
AZ x1
N x2
32 Trainers

Dark Energy x7
7 Energy

How do you guys think this deck would do at Regionals/Nationals?


Why only 2 VS Seekers?

Less rare candy, more Porygon2.

You also need more draw support, like Sycamore.


I think you have way to many pokemon. Does the bat line have to be that thick? Bats have not been doing too well lately.


With 2 stage 2 lines, only 1 Shaymin and 1 draw supporter isn’t gonna cut it. On the topic of how well this deck would do at regs/nats/worlds, if I’m being quite honest, it’s too slow and too vulnerable to compete with the other decks being played. Standard-wise, you’re taking an autoloss to Trev, vileplume, and night March, along with Negative matchups in things like Greninja and Yveltal, and in expanded, a format of hyper-consistency and turn 1 ghetsis, you absolutely have no positive matchups. With this in mind, while its probably not the best deck you could play at a large-scale tournament, if you improve upon the list a bit, it could certainly find you some success at your locals.


I did not even notice the only draw was birch. The decks a cool idea with some work it could do well at an lc.


Which porygon is it primal trait or regular


Has anyone thought of Regirock fighting toolbox?


I’m sure plenty of people have.

Now, is it a great deck? Not really.


I really like the deck for some reason. I am still going to test it more.


I like playing Regirock with Medicham.