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My own implementation of the concept after some initial testing:

Vulnerable to Hex Maniac and Lysandre, the construction revolving around Mew and Dimension Valley seems misleading. Setting up a lock in a single turn without their help is not any more difficult, perhaps even easier as more deck space is now devoted to consistency cards.


How does this deck deal with Trevenant break?
Cause it goes around glaceon


I have yet to test that out as Trevenant BREAK is currently suspended online due to glitches, but I suppose that the best I could do is to increase the count of Rough Seas.


I really like the idea of Puzzle of Time in there.


You could play mega manectric regice with jolteon and glaceon…


In a vacuum, I like the idea of an eeveelution fairybox deck with Aromatisse, Jolteon, Glaceon, and Umbreon, but unfortunately I don’t think it would be any good in the current formats. Megas are barely even played in standard right now, so Umbreon is useless until that changes. Plus, more Pokemon on the bench means more Lysandre targets to break the Eeveelution lock.


When you need advise, there is none other on the forums that can help you. We must kneel to the legendary @Dweinhardt, giver of sound advise on a deck that resembles closely the one I played at the prerelease.

tl;dr why are you copy-pasting a list and asking for advise on it when it isn’t yours?

EDIT: Blatant copy+paste dumps of other sites’ content isn’t gonna fly, folks.


Not what I did. I changed at least 6-8 cards. I didn’t agree with some things, others I did.


I think we can all agree that delphox isn’t worth wasting time and energy on.


Except maybe in your spare time as a fun deck.


If you’re going to regionals, and you have free time, you are wrong.


I meant if you were bored or something. I’m certainly not going to try Delphox out.


Jolteon/Glaceon deck would be better with Mew or by themselves or using other thing?


This because the exes can be lysandred while you are attacking with mew.


Firstly I hope I put this in the right place, this is my first posting, and I am pretty new to the TCG after a 16 year hiatus
Looking for advice for my Delphox deck. I know they don’t become legal for a few weeks, but I think Delphox is a strong card with potential.

4 Fennekin-FCO
4 Braixen-FCO
3 Delphox-FCO
2 Mew-FCO
1 White Kyurem-FCO
1 Kyurem EX-AOR
Total Pokemon-15

2-Scorched Earth
1-Random Receiver
1-Great Ball
1-Pokemon Catcher
1-Trainers’ Mail
1-Floral Crown
1-Energy Pouch
2-Professor’s Letter
2-Energy Recycler
1-Misty’s Determination
1-Professor Sycamore
Total Trainer-27

Total Energy-18

I know the splash energy can go, and maybe drop my Kyurems for some more mews? but other then that I’m not sure. Any input would be much appreciated. My main goal is to get my Delphox to the play field and energy them up quickly with the DCE.


Exactly what is the point of the Mew in here? For your Kyruem?


My apologies I misread mew. I will have to reconsider my approach, and determine what non fire type to include in his place.


Welcome back. Allow me to introduce you to Shaymin-EX. Break open your piggy bank because this little one isn’t getting any cheaper.


While I would love to run 2 shamin… I’m not sure I want to spend $100 dollars on them to make it happen.


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