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Yes and yes. It’s like the Igloo Hold Beartic from FFI.


I really don’t think Ho-oh works without Megaman. I mean it looks okay…I’d add rainbow energy, so you can drop it down any turn, and it works with Manaphy. Maybe Max Elixir to combo with Smeargle. You could use Battle Compressor as well. Take out the Super Rod, you really don’t need it. Altaria is bad, don’t use it. Water decks besides Greninja are very rare and Greninja destroys your deck anyway. If you’re that paranoid tech in 1 Weakness Policy.


altaria is good. A friend of mine was toying with this (I think he got 10th or 11th at Wisconsin States seniors, but idr), and his pokemon line was 3 Ho-oh-EX, 3 Shaymin-EX, 1 Swablu. 1 Altaria, and 2 Smeargle BKP. Policy and Manaphy are bad cards and definitely not worth your time.


How should i change my standard vespiplume list for expanded…not gonna supply the list due to lack of time atm but basically what cards from expanded does vespiplume gain if any?


Seeing as we don’t know your list, just refer to this:


Vespiquen/Vileplume isn’t a good deck in expanded. It’s a gimmick and it’s only seen a little success in seniors, because of the fact that we have shorter tournaments. It’s a gimmick.


No, that list isn’t that good now, mew ex is a liability at best and 4 shaymin is a necessity.


Altaria=2 card tech, will be rarely used

Weakness Policy=1 card tech, does the same thing


But is prevented by item lock, prevents you from using another tool and can only be used once.


Altaria is slow and clunky. I’d rather use neither, they’re both bad honestly. Weakness is bearable especially with Ho-oh which heals so much.


Yeah because “Delta Evolution” was printed on it so it would be slow. :wink:


Altaria isn’t slow and clunky at all. You can search both piece with Winona. Policy is a bad card that you can megaphone off and keeps you from attaching fury belt.


what about flareon? its superior to vespiquen vileplume?


I wish that were true…


Flareon/Vespiquen is so much better than Vespiquen/Vileplume but neither are great right now.


Can Jolteon-EX and Glaceon-EX collaborate well?


Why no Smeargle? 2020202020


There are so many unnecessary cards in here.
Lugia is worthless
ace trainer is void now that n is in again.
Toad is iffy
Smeargle seems needed
Regice seems good to combat Megas, or does Glaceon do that?


Mega Evolution Pokemon themselves are covered by Glaceon-EX. However, given that their Basic forms usually have decent attacks as well, I do agree that Regice should be a nice addition.


Does anyone else see 14 energy with only two of those being DCE?

The deck concept is solid, but the list definetly needs work.