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I just went all mad scientist mode and put together this cheap, for-fun deck. I haven’t done any actual play testing with it, but I practiced drawing hands and playing the first few turns, and it looked decent to me. I doubt it’ll make a splash anywhere, I know the list is far from optimal (if ever there is an optimal list), and I doubt I’ll take it to a tournament but the idea looks good on paper and maybe someone out here thinks the same.

Pokemon - 19
3 Regice AOR
2 Regirock AOR
2 Registeel AOR
3 Bronzor BKT
3 Bronzong PHF
2 Remoraid BKT
2 Octillery BKT
2 Smeargle BKT

Trainers - 30
4 VS Seeker
4 Trainers’ Mail
3 Battle Compressor
3 Level Ball
2 Heavy Ball
1 Escape Rope

1 Team Aqua’s Secret Base

2 Fighting Fury Belt
4 Float Stone

3 Professor Sycamore
1 Brigette
1 Wally
1 Lysandre

Energy - 11
2 Water Energy
3 Metal Energy
2 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

A few explanations
Regice is the primary offensive option of the deck. It deals decent damage and can stop EX-heavy decks in their tracks by nullifying their attacks.

Registeel is the back-up to Regice and is also useful in its own way. Its attack discards an energy from an EX, a Crushing Hammer of sorts given that it isn’t KO’ed yet. This is also helpful in keeping opposing EXs at bay.

Regirock has the least utility of the three, but it can act as a finisher for what Regice and Registeel couldn’t KO. 120 damage (130 with a Fighting Fury Belt) is good enough to pick off previously weakened EXs. The added boost by Fighting Fury Belt also lets Regirock OHKO opposing Shaymin.

Bronzong keeps the energy flowing for the Regis. This goes hand-in-hand with Smeargle’s ability. The two of them make sure that whichever Regi is active, it always has the right energy to attack. Octillery is here to prevent dead hands early on, in conjunction with Professor Sycamore.

I put an Escape Rope in case I use up all my Float Stones or just get someone stuck. Team Aqua’s Secret Base can make opponents think twice on retreating, if they don’t have Float Stones or Zoroark. It works well with Regice / Registeel due to their disruptive attacks. The lone copy of Wally is there for a possible fast track to a Bronzong or Octillery on turn 1. The early hand mobility from Octillery can be very helpful, as my most reliable draw option outside of it is Sycamore, and I wouldn’t want to throw away precious resources early on. Brigette is helpful in this deck because I have no EXs and is my other fast track alternative. Depending on the hand, I see if I want to get a good hand early (Wally -> Octillery) or a filled bench (Brigette).

As for the energy, I made sure there is more Metal than the other types so Bronzong can keep working later in the game if I run out of DCEs.

Other thoughts:

  1. I’m thinking of swapping 1 Bronzong for searching card (Brigette, Level Ball or Heavy Ball) or a tech stadium, or outright replace Team Aqua’s Secret Base. Any ideas?
  2. Also thinking of a 3-3 distribution for Fighting Fury Belt and Float Stone instead of 2-4.
  3. Shaymin vs Octillery: which is better in this deck? I just hate the unfavorable prize trade situation that Shaymin puts players in, but the automatic draw 6 is undeniably good too.

Any comments and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


Wrong Bronzor, I think.

  • 2-2 octillery
    -1 level ball
    -2 heavy ball
  • 2 Shaymin
  • 4 ultra ball
  • 1 empty space

I would also run less regi pokemon. Cause you could use super Rod to recycle. And you have limited bench space with smeargle/zong/Shaymin or octillery, so you would have the other Pokemon as dead cards in your hand.

You could scrap the bronzong for Max elixir and run more energy


You mean auto-draw up to six. Octillery does bypass silent lab though as a Stage 1


I really like your deck, it’s very interesting and has great promise. However, it appears to have an autoloss to Night march, as you rely heavily on stage 1s (therefore, no matter how crisp your deck is, you may never be able to reach the speed NM requires to be able to beat it) nor does it deny Night March anything. Therefore, as Night March is the BDIF, it needs to be able to beat it.

Therefore, I propose a divergence from the original core of the “for fun” deck into a more competitive deck,a more Jolteon-EX focused deck, but it still loses heavily to Hex March (maybe, although it might take 2 E Hammer from them to swing it to like 75-25 in their favor):

4 Jolteon-EX (for NM, Yveltal)
2 Regirock AOR (for MegaMan, Zoroark, although this may need to be increased depending on meta)
2 Bronzor BKT
2 Bronzong PHF
2 Smeargle BKT
2 Shaymin-EX
Total: 14

4 VS Seeker
4 Trainers’ Mail
3 Max Elixir
4 Ultra Ball
1 Battle Compressor
2 Float Stone (or Switch/Escape Rope)
3 Muscle Band/FFB (combination of each)
2 Super Rod
Total: 23

4 Sycamore
2 Lysandre
1 Hex Maniac
1 Giovanni’s Scheme
Total: 8

4 Metal
4 Lightning
3 Fighting
Total: 15


You’ll find that this is a good way to lose games in a hurry.


I was thinking of that, too, so the retreat cost is less. Might give that a try.


I agree, the Regi counts can be too much, because I sometimes draw all three even though I don’t need them all at the same time.

Scrapping Bronzong though might be over the top since Max Elixir has limited reach and is also limited to just 4 (too crowded to add a set of Puzzle of Time for recovery, too)


So does bronzong right?
Can’t bronzong only attach to a benched Pokemon?

Or were you talking a different type of reach?

Bronzong is slower, but stays around longer.
Max elixir is faster but comes then goes quickly


Whoops, I didn’t notice that mistake.

Well if I do run more energy, then Max Elixir becomes a better option, but I guess it also depends on which Regi I have in play. Though yes, in a very fast metagame nowadays, it’s the lack of speed which kills. Nonetheless thanks for the advice!

@tototavros wow, this in-depth analysis is awesome. Thanks a bunch! Though I don’t have any Jolteon EX, so I couldn’t really try it out, but it’s a good idea to start with. I do notice the lack of a stadium in your list; should I bother with one since stadium wars can decide the outcome and pace of games, or not because there isn’t a stadium that benefits me?


Why just not play Vespiplume/Jolteon/Regirock? It is better


Why not just play Vespiplume?[quote=“bkeldeo, post:409, topic:6671”]
It is better
My point is, who cares if a deck is better or not? With that logic, you might as well just say: Why even bother with this?


Because someone on Virbank did well with it apparently, but I would agree to just stick to Vespiplume.


That “person on Virbank” was @KPiplup and his testing team


I don’t personally endorse Regirock unless you’re expecting copious amounts of M Manectric, as @kazambolt and his part of the group were in Ohio (even then, a different deck would’ve probably been my personal call). However, contrary to popular opinion, the deck has an extremely loseable matchups to Night March without Jolteon. Playing Basic Energy also allows you work around Aegislash and use things like Bunnelby more freely. It also makes Jirachi PR into a viable way to deal with Giratina.


Well, partially true. We expected some Manectric but a lot more night march. In theory, the night march rises to the top, easily beating manectric. But on our way to the top tables which are theoretically flooded with good matchups (Night March), we wanted a way to deal with Manectric, and Regirock was the best answer. It’s definitely not essential though.

KP is right, Night March is like a 50/50 without Jolteon but around 60-40 or better with it. And basic energy is essential, the deck flows so much better with 3-4.


No I mean you cant just call a deck better and expect everyone to change what they are doing.


Can the new Ho-oh work in standard (being the star of the deck and not a partner for MegaMan)
Something like
3 Ho-oh EX (the elemental feather one)
2-2-2 Golduck BREAK
1 Manaphy
1 Shaymin
1 Smeargle
1-1 Altaria ( where I play, water deck are becoming a bit popular like Palkia, Primal Kyogre and even Empoleon Break)

4 Max Elixir
3 Max Potions
3 Trainers Mail
3 Ultra Ball
2 Dive Ball
3 Fighting Fury Belt
1 Super Rod
3 VS Seeker
3 Sycamore
2 Skyla
1 Birch
1 AZ
1 Fisherman
2 Lysandre
1 Winona
1 Profesors Letter

3 Fire
3 Water
3 Lightning
3 Grass

Any help to improve the list? Would really appreciate all your opinionsand thoughts


If Water decks are a problem, run something like the BKT Pinsir, since it one shots Toad, and can do significant damage to other stuff.


Thats the one with the more retraeat on the active the more he hit? Does manaphy giving no retreat makes the attack do minimun damage? Im not sure how it works