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This is my new Houndoom list:

4 houndoom
3 bunnelby
2 shaymin

3 shauna
3 sycamore
2 lysandre
3 flare
1 az
1 xerosic

4 crushing hammer
2 enhanced hammer
3 vs seeker
3 trick shovel
3 ultra ball
3 head ringer
1 super rod
3 hard charm
3 trainers’ mail

1 parallel city
2 aqua’s secret base

6 fire energy

@jirachi123, thanks for helping me in the States meta thread. I worked on my list, and this is what I got.

What do you think?

Fun side note: I beat Toad/Bats 3 times with this. They got item lock up too. :slight_smile:


Details please? 20202020


I can clearly remember the 2 most recent times the best (as they happened like, an hour ago).
The 1st time I think I got Houndoom up with hard charm 1st turn, and got flare grunts.

2nd Win:
I started 2nd, with a Houndoom and Shaymin in hand. I attached fire, played a head ringer to the opponent’s shaymin, maybe a trick shovel or two? They got KO’s on a Houndoom, but Xerosic let me discard the 3rd DCE. The other 2 were discarded by attacking. Bats got damage on Houndoom, and I think I flipped tails on 3 SSU’s. Yipee. I used the 1st attack of Houndoom, discarded a water and something else. After my opponent didn’t really play anything, I milled with the attack again. Discarded the 4th DCE, opponent conceded.

This was the same guy as the 2nd win, he wanted a rematch. I think I stated with 2 bunnelby? I powered 1 up (going 2nd again), and milled. They got a DCE on toad, and a golbat on a previously played zubat. Bunnelby went down. Then I put up the other one, played an energy, and flare grunted. And then the next turn flare grunted again. By this point, I had a houndoom down (thanks to a shaymin or two). I head ringer-ed his shaymin the next turn, because he didn’t quaking punch because of lack of DCE. He/she might have attached a water energy. I lysandre-d up his Shaymin, and played an Aqua’s secret base. After 2 turns of me milling with attacks and trick shovels, and he not getting the switch, I had discarded 2 DCE. Those were the last two. We knew I had won, so we chatted for a little. :slightly_smiling:

Note: I totally don’t remember everything perfectly, and my report may not be 100% accurate. I did the best I could

How I won in a nutshell: Discarded DCE with Xerosic, Flare Grunt, milling attacks


How do you feel the deck does without Head Ringer? I’m thinking of this deck against Seismitoad and Manectric and it seems like those decks easily overpower it if the Pokemon in question don’t get head ringered in time.


Speaking of mill decks, does anyone have a Durant mill list?
I think with non ex and rainbow energy to gain the damage this card has a better long game than Houndoom.


4x Durant
2x Bunnelby
1x Shaymin EX
2x Bronzor
2x Bronzong
1x Smeargle

4x Crushing Hammer
1x Enhanced Hammer
4x VS Seeker
4x Trainer’s Mail
4x Level Ball
4x Trick Shovel
2x Battle Compressor
4x Puzzle of Time
2x Float Stone
1x Super Rod

4x Professor Sycamore
1x Xerosic
2x Team Flare Grunt
1x Lysandre

4x Rainbow Energy
3x Grass energy
3x Metal Energy

Just thought of this list in my head, anything missing or anything I should take out?


There’s no shuffle draw, so -1 Sycamore +1 Shauna or Birch. I’m my opinion I would go for Shauna cuz it cm kinda help you from decking out if it comes down to it


I know people did this online, but it is very inconsistent and wierd.

It sounds like it would work in theory, but I was never actually able to get it to work.

Rainbow/grass/max elixir works better. I’ve tried both, and can totally say Max elixir is more consistent.


From what I was playing it seems totally fine.
Very consistent.



Guess it’s just me then

Question: How easily do you set up without abilities?
Just for like, mid-game. When the opponent could play Wob or Garb


Quite easily actually, I mean Bronzong always active turn 2, but post garb/wobb etc.
I play 10 solid energys which is very consistent in opening energy, then cards like draw supporters allow me to continue to draw energys through garb/wobb also puzzle of time allows me to pick energy up from discard or stack an energy ontop. the deck does get hit by garb/wobb but for sure it can play though it and win quite easily.


I really can’t decide if I want to run Durant or Houndoom Mill…

Houndoom mills slower, but is easier to set up.
Durant mills incredibly fast, but is a little harder to get going.

I have had success with both, and I’m not sure which will do better at States…


Houndoom. Durant doesnt really work too well…


Huh. I can’t say I’ve tried that card yet.
How does it work? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wailord that attacks.

Play it like a Wailord deck, just you expedite your opponents loss.


What do you mean? If responding to @Phoenix15’s question, that was a joke. I made a typo. If not, What do you mean?



I was replying to @Phoenix15, didn’t see the typo.

But seriously, that is how the deck is played.


That legitimately sounds terrible.


A Wailord deck draws and passes most of its turns, while playing disruptive (or healing) supporters every know and then as needed. Houndoom attacks, disrupts the opponent, and mills. Houndoom also draws plentry of cards to dig for their energy and hammers. Both decks are played differently.


I was never a fan of miltank in here. Dedenne or PRC Manaphy has been working out for me. Both have nice utility attacks for early game and aren’t bad starters with 1 retreat.
Definitely want 4 Froakie. You want to start with 1 or 2 as much as possible. I’d drop a Shaymin for it.
This may be more of a preference but I play Splash energy. It is super good for streaming Greninjas.