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(Mega) Scizor really needs its own thread. The deck has serious capabilities for the coming format. Honestly the only true downside is that…can’t one shot Yvetal T_T. Other than that, Mega Scizor DOES NOT DIE. It’s like playing Bulky Scizor with Roost in card form. I’ve played about 10-15 games so far and I haven’t had a Scizor die once (unfortunately not undefeated because…well, the downsides of playing Shaymins).

Most of the inspiration came from abluegolfball’s build, I just did my best to refine it to my playstyle (and the fact I don’t have an Aegislash EX).

4 Scizor EX
3 Mega Scizor EX
3/3 Bronzong Line
2 Shaymin EX
1 Hoopa EX

4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Trainer’s Mail
3 Scizor Spirit Link
3 Max Potion
2 Level Ball
2 Max Elixir
2 Battle Compressor
2 Super Scoop-Up
4 Professor Sycamore
2 Professor Birch’s Letter
1 AZ
1 Lysandre
1 Judge

9 Metal Energy

Other than the obvious Fire matchup, I don’t feel threatened by most of the top guard. I need to tweak some cards around (might end up replacing Judge with Xerosic, still have to truly gauge how good Max Elixir is among other things) but the deck feels really solid and can really fight out of a lot of situations.


It can’t one shot yveltal, but yveltal usually cant one shot it


How is Yvetal One-Shotting back?


Typo. I meant can’t.


Could you run Mega Scizor with just Mega Turbo instead of bronzong?

I’d considering slimming down to 2-2 or even 1-1 Bronzong


I am re-posting my Camerupt list.
(Because nobody commented or anything…)

I made a bunch of edits, and made it a lot faster.
It burns through cards quickly, but is effective.

4 Camerupt EX
4 Team Magma’s Numel
4 Team Magma’s Camerupt
1 Shaymin EX

1 Scorched Earth

4 Sycamore
4 Blacksmith
2 Lysandre

4 VS Seeker
4 Roller Skates
4 Acro Bike
3 Fiery Torch
2 Ultra Ball
1 Prof’s Letter
1 Energy Switch
2 Switch

2 Burning Energy
8 Fire Energy

The strategy behind this deck is to power up Camerupt EX, and use the second attack (which allows you to discard fire energies attacked to any of your Pokemon, and does 50 times the amount you discard). Using Magma’s Camerupt, you can put a fire energy from your discard on that Magma’s Camerupt, via the ability.

The ability allows you to recycle energy you discard from attacking, as well as (with the help of energy switch), getting energy to Camerupt EX’s.

So, what are your thoughts?



2 ultra ball is nowhere near enough
1 Shaymin isn’t enough
Burning energy are bad

Just play enti charizard at this point


I know how fun a Camerupt EX deck can be and it’s hard to find an optimized list, I took inspiration from abluegolfball’s list for myself.

As for a suggestion, drop the skates, bikes, and torches for more ultra ball, a couple battle compressor, and more scorched earth. You could try making energy switch vital to setting up with more of a focus on Team Magma’s Camerupt(s) turn 2. With 4 Sycamore I’d be afraid of discarding Camerupt so a Super Rod would be good.

If you don’t want to add a second Shaymin EX, I would suggest running Skyfield with 2 Octillery, it’s just enough draw for the early game to get setup.

I actually like Burning energy in this deck (so much so that I put 4 in my list) because as long as your opponent doesn’t OHKO Camerupt EX, those burning energy make it really easy to stream big KOs early.


I agree with some of what you both said.

I will add a second Shaymin.

Im gonna keep the burning energy at 2, but try to add another ultra ball.
Maybe take out an acro bike.

Thanks for the input!

I will look into Entei/Charizard, but I kind of like playing Camerupt. It’s fun.

Also, I have neither Entei or Charizard so… :sweat_smile:


So it has been quite a long time since I have last posted here on 6P But i thought i would bring up a deck i have been working on for standard. With all the support that fighting has from furious fists it is a no brainer to play the new garchomp while paired with our favorite little “Hawk Hogan” The main goal is to open with a hawlucha, getting the early damage while setting up your first gible, and getting garbodor started. From there, you basically just beatdown anything they throw at you with garchomp while keeping abilities from being useful with garbodor. essentially rendering Shaymin EX and any Bats Decks useless. The fact the Deck plays 0, thats right Zero EX’s is a huge plus, while still being able to take quick 1HKO’s with garchomp. Anyways, lets get to the list, and mind you guys, this is still a work in progress and will need adjusting.

Pokemon : 16
4-Garchomp BKP
1-Garbite BKP
3-Gible BKP
4-Hawlucha FFI
2-Trubbish BKP
2-Garbodor BKP

Supporters- 12
3-Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick


4- Ultra Ball
3- Muscle Band
3-Vs Seeker
3-Rare Candy
2- Float Stone
1-Super Rod

Stadiums- 4
4- Fighting Stadium

Energy- 11
7- Fighting
4- Strong Energy

Total Cards : 60

What are your opinions on this list, what can be improved? With my testing deck is very clunky, often hitting a supporter drought. My thoughts would be i need to drop gibles, and garbite for Acro Bikes, and perhaps Prof. Birch. if i dropped the basics in the line it would change the deck quite a bit and free up quite a bit of space, but at the cost of becoming more item dependent and in need of a better opener than hawlucha. Thanks for any help in advance!


You’re never going to pull off a Maxie with a list like that. Archie/Maxie lists depend heavily on items and run 4 VS Seeker, 4 Battle Compressor, 4 Trainers’ Mail, 4 Acro Bike, and 2+ Shaymin. Easily disposable cards like Super Scoop Up and the golden ticket, and hand-manipulating cards like Maintenance are also helpful.


the maxies are there as a second way to quickly get out a garchomp or get back a lucha if needed, the main focus is with rare candies. If i dropped the basic + Garbite, i would be more apt to run a thick line of compressor, T mail, and Acro bike. If i focused on using the maxie engine to get out garchomps i could cut out a lot of cards, including a korrina, the candies, the Gibles, and Garbite. which would effectivly give me 8 more cards to add in.

-3 gible
-1 Garbite
-1 Korrina
-3 Rare Candy

+1 Maxie
+1 VS seeker
+2 Compressor
+4 T mail

Also, i’d like to stay away from adding in shaymin, to keep up the positive prize exchange. I know its a wonderful consistency card, but by adding it, I would be risking the point of running a non EX deck.


The problem with your deck is that you have so much draw support but nothing you want to draw into, and you autolose against toad :confused:


its not necessarily an auto loss to Toad, although the match up is very unfavorable. I dont see that much draw support in my deck, it needs more do this, get that type of stuff. but i gotta test more, i think the deck will do great once i find the magic numbers.


Toad two hits it while making almost all the cards in the deck unplayable, an whatever they partner it with is gonna rip hell among you as well.


garchomp 1hkos toad with a single strong energy, or with a muscle band. and hawlucha can also provide decent damage early on hitting for 100 with a strong and a fighting stadium.


also, the most common partner ive found with toad, in my meta has been manectic ex, which is a super easy ko for this deck.


That is true.

What do you think I should add that I would “want to draw into”?


Drop Skates, add two more stadiums, and two ultra balls.


Garchomp Is hard to maxie or evolve under Item lock, and it is weak to water, also recently the most common partner for toad has been bats, which will snipe your numels. @Phoenix15, more ultra ball, utility supporters, and stadiums.