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What’s gimmicky about Garchomp?
Pure Garchomp, not maxie etc.


Maxies garchomp night march.


I just finished top 8 at a cities here in Australia with Magnezone. XY-BKT

Mini report:
Round 1 vs Manectric/Crobat - Win
Round 2 vs Entei - Draw
Round 3 vs Bronzong Dragons - Win
Round 4 vs Yveltal/Mega Mewtwo - Win
Round 5 vs Entei - Win
Round 6 vs Seismitoad/Giratina - ID
Top 8 vs Night March/Milotic - Loss

It was a good run, very pleased with the performance of the deck up until I faced Night March, but it can’t really be helped.


For my first deck I’m trying to take a budget route. However some of the supporters from this old deck are out of date, what should I replace them with?


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Your list looks good except for the Venasaur and Poke ball. - 3 Pokeball -1 Prof letter -4DCE - 3 Grass -1 Lysandre - 2 Pokemon fan club -4-4-4 butterfree + 4 VS seeker + 1 Ultra ball + 4-4-3 Vileplume + 2 AZ +4 Forest of giant plants +1 level ball and if you have them +2 shaymin EX if not you have 2 open slots.


Forest of Giant Plants is obsolete when he runs butterfree.


I’m not saying run butterfree.


My bad. I missed that.


Also, not completely obsolete. There could be Garbodor, Wobbuffet, or even Hex Maniac.


I still wouldn’t wanna run both at the same time


Deck that I’m currently making. I would really love some suggestions on what to add for consistency.

4 Rattata
4 Raticate
2 Raticate BREAK
4 Sceptile EX
3 Spinarak
3 Ariados
1 Escape Rope
4 Level Ball
1 Sacred Ash
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Switch
2 Lysandre
3 Prof Birch Observation
4 Sycamore
3 Muscle Band
1 Prof.letter
9 Grass Energy
4 dbc energy
2 Forest of Giant Plants
1 ECO arm
2 Winona
1 Pokemon Center Lady

Btw I’m thinking of taking out 2 prof.birch’s with 1 Mega Sceptile EX and a megalink. It may be a good play if poisen doesn’t work out or something else goes really wrong (pyroar for example).

Please tell me what you think! :purple_heart:


This might help:


i dont do expanded, sorry


It can still give good insight, if you like the list uses in the video, them exchange the expanded cards for their more “modern” variants.


Here’s my list for a Greninja Break deck.

Pokemon 20
1 Miltank
2 Shaymin EX
3 Froakie BP
4 Frogadier BP
2 Greninja XY
2 Greninja BP
2 Greninja BREAK
2 Remoraid
2 Octillery

Trainer 32
2 Battle Compressor
4 Dive Ball
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Max Potion
1 Proff. Letter
1 Sacred Ash
2 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
1 Fisherman
1 Lysandre
3 Proff. Birch
4 Sycamore
2 Wally
2 Float Stone
2 Muscle Band

Energy 8
8 Water Energy

I decided to go with a split between XY and BP Greninjas because 1 has the ability to deal 3 damage counters to any pokemon and 1 has free retreat and able to get energy back in your hand. You can use both Greninja BREAK and XY Greninja abilities to deal 90 damage alone (60 if it is your active, remember that…) before attacking. 2 Shaymin EX may be too much since Octillery is also added. Trainer’s mail or acro bike is something I’d like to fit in, not all hands are consistent. Sacred Ash > Super Rod since there are other ways to get energy back more efficiently.

Any criticism is welcome to make this list better.


post greninja BREAK varients here please Greninja BREAK Variants XY-on (2016)


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