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Burst balloon is countered by FFB tho…


Burst balloon will mostly find its place in disruption decks, which will most definitely include Xerosic, especially considering Xerosic should really be played in almost everything


You could always run multiple baby Yveltal XY.


Exactly, Alex is saying that Yveltal has a bad night March matchup, which definitely isn’t true.


Uh, I’m saying that Yveltal has a good matchup against Night March. Running several of those in Darkrai/Hypno seems pretty good, especially since they would improve the Night March matchup.


I already play one or two starling megaphones in my night march/milotic deck depending on the meta, so I don’t think burst balloon and FFB are going to completely ruin NM. NM always has space for techs, so startling megaphone is definetly going to pick up play after BREAKpoint hits.


Er rather, other Alex. Alex J.


With all this talk, why not post a list? :smile:

3 Darkrai-EX BKP or BPT(however you want to abbreviate.
2 Yveltal XY
1 Yveltal EX
2 hypno
2 drowzee
2 Shaymin ex

Work around this lineup and see how it goes. This is experimental so we need to test how it goes.


Burst Balloon combos well with Sigilyphs reflective shield attack. Makes opponents think twice about attacking unless they want to take 110 damage.


I tweaked someone’s list minimal:

3 Darkrai EX
1 Yveltal EX
2 Yveltal XY
3 Drowzee
3 Hypno
2 Shaymin EX

4 Professor Sycamore
1 Judge
1 AZ
2 Birch
2 Lysandre
1 Hex maniac

4 All night party

2 Max Elixr
4 Trainers mail
2 Switch
3 Muscle band
4 VS seeker
4 Ultra ball

8 Darkness

I’m going to use this as a first list in standard.


Drop yveltal EX for another Yveltal XY. Afterwards drop a Birch for the 4th Yveltal XY. Night March is extremely popular and you need to be able to trade with it.


But Yveltal xy can’t deal with a 70 hp joltik or a 100 hp pumkaboo…


Sure, that’s what’s everyone is going to say. But, as I am sure @Dweinhardt is going to agree with me, all decks should be running a Xerosic or megaphone, which are easily applicable in Darkrai/Hypno.


Ah he doesn’t play Xerosic. I’m still no fan of FFB in Night March in standard though. If anything, one at most. Also keep in mind that banded Yveltal XY ohkos FFB Pumpkaboo.


Banded babytal still takes care of Pumpkaboo.


Seems like it needs to up the ante now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but why would they attack w/ Pumpkaboo anymore? Pumpkaboo was only used b/c it wasn’t ohko’d by Banded Gnaw/Banded Ram/Sky Return/Banded Overrun/Missile Jab, which are all taken care of w/ FFB Joltik (granted Bat damage is nice to avoid, due to Bat+Banded overrun, but these are niche situations which don’t apply here).


Pumpkaboo hit for weakness, and FFB is capable of being xeroisc’d. Everyone is speaking as though Xerosic doesn’t exist, and as if you play an infinite number. Say I do 30 to a Joltik, then next turn I Xerosic the FFB, killing that Joltik, and then kill the new active and take 2 prizes without having to use extra effort to know out that Pumpkaboo. Also keep in mind that once you run out of FFB, pumkaboo’s merits will return.


Garchomp is good.


Seems kinda Gimmicky though, like the last Garchomp.

Admittedly, the last Garchomp saw play and was half decent, so this one will probably follow suit.