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Hell no. Entei Charizard is one of if not the most consistent deck in standard hands down. Magnezone is a mediocre stage 2 deck that fails to set up half the time.


Hey all. BKT Gengar is too good a card to not build a deck around so I’ve been trying a few things. This is the best of what I came up with. It’s been racking up tournament wins on the TCGO but that’s hardly a difficult task. It is very hard for me to find anywhere to test play this against proper Meta decks due to my location. Any advice is appreciated. (Or playbuddies, I’d love some playbuddies)

4-3 Gourgeist PHF44/XY57 (Night March/Eerie Voice)
3-1-3 Gengar BKT58/59/60
3-1-3 Chandelure PHF41/42/43
1 Shaymin-EX

3 Sycamore
1 Judge
2 Lysandre
2 Skyla
1 Fisherman
3 VS Seeker

2 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
2 Evosoda
4 Rare Candy
2 Switch
2 Professor’s Letter
1 Super Rod
2 Dimension Valley

6 Psychic Energy
3 Mystery Energy

The general idea is to win the prize trade with a non-EX deck. Big hits on their EXs plus sniping their support at the same time. Sacrifice is a requirement of this deck.
Get Gourgeist out early and spread 20s to the other bench & active. If you’re facing a stacked Mewtwo or whatever the current Meta dictates then it’s second attack to take both actives down to 10 is worth the sacrifice. Unless they heal, all other Pokés here will do the last ten via damage or poison, along with some spread maybe. There’s a few other neat little tricks like that you’ll only really grasp through playing the combo.

Gengar is there for obvious reasons. Chandelure has good synergy here, leeching off the same candies as Gengar, making Night March a viable low-hitting attack for the Pumkaboos, more spread damage, and forcing your opponent to risk a coin-flip self-knockout thanks to the Fainting Spell ability. I’ve won a few games this way.

The decks biggest pitfall is Rough Seas. I’ve considered dropping the Chandelure line in favour of a 1-0-1 Gothitelle maybe, but that seems crazy (1-0-1 could work because item lock decks are not synonymous with Rough Seas). And 4 Dimension Valleys seems like overkill in a deck that doesn’t use it all too much. Win the Stadium War maybe, but at the cost of what other cards?
The current swing to Darkness in the Meta hurts too. Weakness policy seems like a wasted card 80% of the time but it’s not like I’m running any other tools here.

I am not sure on the Skyla. They are crucial sometimes to grab Candy/Letters/Balls but they might be better replaced with Trainer’s Mails or a fourth Sycamore & Vs Seeker. Two Lysandre because putting the wrong opponent in the active spot is a main tactic of the deck. Judge for the only disruption in Standard. Fisherman to retrieve those discarded energies.
Super Rod is needed occasionally. Switch is possibly the most expendable card right now thanks to Mystery Energy/Gengar’s free retreat.

Posts in here are supposed to be brief so I’ll leave it there. I’m not opposed to wholesale changes so long as the Gengar stays intact. I’ve tried Noivern, Forretress and more and they’re all too clunky.


I would have thought running 2 Stage 2 lines and a Stage 1 line to be more Clunky than running 1 Stage 1 line and 1 Stage 2 line.


With Noivern as example, the shared energy, shared stadium, shared candies keeps it relatively smoother compared to having to add dark/DDEs for Noivern, less or useless candies, changing to Training Center and so on. The synergy here is better outside of that one 30s hit instead of Gourgeist’s 20s. That for a single energy instead of 2or3 on Noivern. So he’s probably pulling it off twice before Noivern gets it done once anyway. You follow me?


4 Camerupt EX
4 Team Magma’s Numel
4 Team Magma’s Camerupt
1 Shaymin EX


3 Sycamore
3 Shauna
3 Birch’s Observations
2 Blacksmith
2 Lysandre

3 VS Seeker
2 Muscle Band
3 Ultra Ball
2 Battle Compressor
2 Heavy Ball
2 Repeat Ball
2 Prof’s Letter
2 Super Rod
3 Energy Switch

2 Burning Energy
8 Fire Energy

The strategy behind this deck is to power up Camerupt EX, and use the second attack (which allows you to discard fire energies attacked to any of your Pokemon, and does 50 times the amount you discard). Using Magma’s Camerupt, you can put a fire energy from your discard on that Magma’s Camerupt, via the ability.

The ability allows you to recycle energy you discard from attacking, as well as (with the help of energy switch), getting energy to Camerupt EX’s.

So, what are your thoughts?
I would like to try to find room for 2 switch.
Do you know what I should take out or change?



I want to create a deck based on M Mewtwo (Both forms). I know it maybe won’t be powerful enough, but the deck is way funny until now.

Mewtwo EX (Shatter Shot) - 4
Mega Mewtwo X - 2
Mega Mewtwo Y - 2
Hoopa EX (AOR) - 1
Shaymin EX - 2
Smeargle BRT - 1
Landorus FFI - 4

Lysander - 2
Sycamore - 1
Giovanni’s Scheme - 1
Judge - 1
Korrina - 2
Mega Turbo - 4
Professor’s Letter - 3
Mewtwo Spirit Link - 3
Trainer’s Mail - 2
Ultra Ball - 3
VS Seeker - 3
Dimension Valley - 2
Shrine of Memories - 2
Battle Compressor - 1

Fighting - 8
Psychic - 5
Rainbow - 1

My main focus is on Mewtwo X because I believe his attack is more consistent. Mewtwo Y is there since it’s faster to setup, doesn’t have trouble with energy types and can hit hard when I need to.
I’m also thinking on removing all Landorus (And Korrina), replace them with Sableyes BKT (3 coins, 1 energy from discard pile for each heads to any EX in bench). This would change the energies, since Psychic ones would be needed even more.

Any suggestions?


Your deck is lacking heavily in supporters and consistency cards. If you’re playing less than 3 trainers’ Mail, it’s not worth your time 9 times out of 10. You need 4 Ultra Ball and 4 VS Seeker along with 3 more sycamore.


So -2 trainer mail, + 1 ultra ball and VS seeker, right? Anything I should take for Sycamores?


-2 letter and -1 rainbow


Anyone looking forward to Hypno/Darkrai?



Probably not Non-Meta though.


Anyone looking forward to Meganium?



Yes, my box of bulk has had some vacant space for a while.

On another note, Darkrai/Hypnotoxic looks to be a strong deck. However, I question it’s ability to deal with Night March and Lucario/Bats, and Megas may give it trouble as well.


It looks incredibly strong, although it’s night March matchup is bad.


Thats never stopped anyone from playing yveltal


Since the new belt makes Night March one of the strongest decks in the format, Hypno/Darkrai might not be very competitive. Also, Garbodor ruins the deck.


Of course it hasn’t considering that in standards night March is a great matchup for Yveltal.


And Gallade. Don’t forget him


Night march also gets hurt pretty bad by this set too…
FFB decreases the likelyhood of first turn KO’s, Delinquent can absolutely wreck a Night March’s small hand and resources (given proper timing), and it’s safe to expect max elixir is going to make everyone want to play Zoroark/Yveltal even more…


You failed to mention the card that is pretty much a direct nm counter, burst balloon.