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Hey 6P, I had the idea to make a Machamp FFI deck with Strong Energy and Hard Charm, but I’m not welll-versed in Fighting type cards. I was thinking maybe Regirock XY49, but i’m not sure. Anyone got ideas? I’d like for it to be Fighting only, maybe Colorless as well.

Mega Lucario is a quick power up with decent damage that does not require you to go mega.
Hawlucha is good vs EX’s
Medicham with the right mix of strong energy / band / stadium can 1 shot most EX’s
Dugtrio is kinda meh but does decent damage for a single fighting energy

I would consider putting a deck list together to get this topic started or Adam will probably eat it for being too vague.

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I wanted to build a deck around ROS Articuno as an EX killer deck. Here’s what I came up with, help is appreciated.

3x Articuno 17 ROS
1x Articuno 16 ROS
3x Primal Kyogre-EX PRC
3x Kyogre-EX PRC
4x Regice AOR
3x Clawitzer FFI
3x Clauncher FFI
4x Ace Trainer
4x Professor Birch’s Observations PRC
3x Kyogre Sprit Link PRC
4x Dive Ball
2x Professor’s Letter XY
3x VS Seeker PHF
3x Mega Turbo
3x Trick Coin
14x Water Energy

Sorry in advance about the double post, but I also have two variants on a Fighting deck.

Variant 1 (MMA Triple Tag Team)

Pokemon - 20
4x Machamp FFI
4x Machop FFI
4x Hawlucha-EX FFI
4x M-Lucario-EX FFI
4x Lucario-EX FFI

Trainers - 26
4x Korrina FFI
4x Rare Candy PRC
4x Hard Charm XY
4x Professor Birch’s Observations PRC
4x Scorched Earth PRC
3x Professor’s Letter XY
3x VS Seeker PHF

Energy - 14
4x Strong Energy
10x Fighting Energy

Variant 2 (DIY Wrestling Ring)

Pokèmon - 27
3x Machamp FFI
3x Machop FFI
3x Hawlucha-EX FFI
4x M-Lucario-EX FFI
4x Lucario-EX FFI
3x Rhyperior PRC 77
3x Rhyhorn PRC
2x Medicham
2x Meditite
Trainers - 21
4x Korrina FFI
4x Rare Candy PRC
2x Lucky Helmet AOR
4x Professor Birch’s Observations PRC
4x Scorched Earth PRC
3x VS Seeker PHF

Energy - 12
4x Strong Energy
8x Fighting Energy

What do you guys think I should go with?

Hey there everyone, Im new to the forum and I want help from you guys to review my decklist. I’ve been trying to run a Macham EX deck and so far it has performed not so well, here is the list and I’d love to hear from you:

Pokemon x 18

Larvesta x3
Volcarona x3
Spinarak x3
Ariados x3
Machamp EX x2
Registeel x2
Skarmory EX x1
Aegislash EX x1

Trainers x30
Steel Shelter x3
Vs seeker x1
Level Ball x2
Ultra Ball x3
Acro Bike x1
Professors Letter x2
Energy Retrieval x2
Trainer’s Mail x4
Muscle Band x2
Lucky Helmet x2
Energy Reclycer x1
Shauna x2
Lysandre x1
Steven x1
Ace Trainer x1
Wally x2

Energy x12
Steel Energy x6
Fighting Energy x5
Strong Energy x1

Link to the preexisting thread for this deck.

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How do you link topics? Show me on PM, please.

I found this Machine Gun Stomp deck on DarkIntegralGaming’s youtube channel. Here is my list, modified a bit from DIG’s list (courtesy of PTCGO):

Pokémon - 16
1 Kangaskhan-EX
3 Miltank FLF
4 Beldum AOR
1 Metagross AOR 49
3 Metagross AOR 50
4 Deoxys ROS

Trainer Cards - 32
4 Trainers’ Mail
3 Professor’s Letter
3 Pokémon Fan Club
2 Switch
4 Roller Skates
4 Lucky Helmet
4 Rare Candy
1 VS Seeker
4 Tierno
1 Lysandre
2 Muscle Band

Energy - 12
4 Psychic Energy
4 Metal Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

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I have seen that video before! I laughed very hard watching that! It was hilarious too see a hand of like, 20!

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Are there really no shuffle/draw Pokemon that attack for [C]?

@tototavros - Yanmega PHF.

Would something like M Manectric / Psychic attackers go here?

Tropius from one of the Plasma Sets, I’m not sure which one tho

This is XY on, although I admit I failed to address that too.

Oh I didn’t realize it was XY on but yeah I just thought of it so yeah…

That shuffle/draws for [G], not [C].

Again, [G], not [C].

I guess it would…although isn’t there a MManectric-EX thread? It wouldn’t make sense for there to be one for MManectric-EX/Hoopa-EX, MMan/Landorus-EX, MMan/Genesect-EX, MMan/Trubbish/Garbodor, AND MMan/Bats.

Oh u didnt know that nevermind

Please, once I had a hand of about 30 cards, and I won because the other guy decked out.

As long as the opponent doesn’t play Red Card and/or Ace Trainer (or Judge once it’s released), this deck can be really strong. And even if the opponent does play the aforementioned cards, I’ve had little to no difficulty getting my hand back.


I’ve been working on a fairy deck for a while now but now that my league is starting back up, I need something a bit better. I was thinking about running Wigglytuff XY89/Ariados/Dragalge as a lock deck. I was thinking that I would have to play Slurpuff XY to not poison myself but if a 2-2 Aromatisse and 4 Fairy Garden would be enough, that would be nice. Now that I’ve said what I want, here is what I have currently:

Pokemon: 19
4 Xerneas XY
2-2 Wigglytuff(hocus pinkus)
2-2 Aromatisse XY
1 Regirock promo
1 Kangaskhan PLB
1 Lugia EX ANO
1 Malamar EX PHF
3 Carbink FLF

T/S/I: 31
4 Sycamore
4 Shauna
2 Pokemon fan club
2 Lysandre
2 Steven
1 Ace Trainer

4 Evosoda
3 Ultra Ball
2 Lv ball
1 Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Recycler

4 Fairy Garden

10 Fairy

I also just pulled my 3rd Lugia EX, so if that would be better, I could go that route, although I know there is a Pyroar deck that I will play against quite often.
I don’t really have the money to buy whatever right now, trying to work with what I own. I have 3 VS Seeker, 1 Shaymin EX, and 1 Max potion to start with.

I apologize for any mistakes as it’s very late when I’m typing this :wink:

What is the purpose of Wigglytuff? Wouldn’t Klefki be better? Why Kangaskhan PLB? If you REALLY need a “Call for Family” attack, might it be better to go for Emolga LTR? Even still, you should be fine w/ 2 Fan Club, 4 Ultra Ball and 2 Level Ball, as you want to Geomancy T1. Also Evosoda, 2 Energy Recycler, and 1 Energy Retrieval aren’t really necessary…you’ll draw into enough Pokemon.

Wigglytuff’s Hocus Pinkus attack makes the opponent’s active Pokemon not able to attack and Ariados + Dragalge makes sure they can’t retreat into a Pokemon that can attack. As far as Kangaskhan and Emolga go, they’re both cycled, I put it in my original list by accident so it was essentially a free spot.