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Because (I’m assuming that you are talking about Mew EX) Mew EX can get one-shotted by pretty much every deck in the format for only a couple energies, while using M Charizard requires 5 energies.

  1. We have a random non-meta thread and I’m assuming a mod will merge this in.
    2.There are many many more efficient methods to 1 shot that aren’t setting up a mega, and a 120 hp EX (that will be promptly return KOed) with 3-4 energy and a stadium.


Even then it could be a possibility in the near future


If the near future consists of people playing decks that involve 5+ turns to setup every attack, then sure.


Energy denial S/R/G

Ratatta EVO x3
Raticate EVO x3
Shellos STS x2
Gastrodon STS x2
Slowpoke BKP x2
Slowbro BKP x1
Slowking BKP x2
Manaphy EX BKP x1

Professor Sycamore x4
Team flare grunt x1
Lillie x1
N x4
Lysandre x1
Delinquent x1

Crushing hammer x4
Enhanced hammer x2
Vs seeker x4
Ultra ball x4
Dive ball x4
Rare candy x2
Repel x2
Super rod x1
Escape rope x1

8 water energy

Worst matchups
Greninja BREAK-GWS-Bursting balloon
Zygarde EX-OHKO-Regirock EX support
Lurantis GX-Flower supply
Volcanion-Power heater

Just an annoying deck I came up with. The objective is to keep your opponent from attacking while chipping away and discarding/denying energy. Raticate for instant discard on active. Gastrodon has Sticky shot to slow the opponent down even further while also making it harder to retreat. Slowking is there to royal flash.

I’m not sure about the rare candy count. Welcome to any suggestions about extra techs I can fit for the negative matchups.


Slowking is a stage one, so you can’t use rare candy.


Wow i completely missed that! My mistake. I typed this out on my phone while i was at work and just pasted it without even thinking.

Anyways, i was thinking of dropping the slowking line altogether and just go with the Masquerain from sun and moon.


So it wasn’t just me that thought Sloking was a stage 2 for the longest time? Not sure what you’d get from masquerain… You should probably max out the raticate line, play some team rocket’s handiwork, you probably also need another lysandre for gastrodon traps aswell as maybe pokepuff! sloking or garb (or plume) are good ability support for this deck, so I suggest you run 1 or the other. More flare grunts makes the gastrodon trap more potent. Raticate should destroy DCE reliant decks like tauros-GX/yveltal/stuff. But the best idea I just had was to use parallel city to make the gastrodon deal 0 damage so your opponent cannot escape, then royal flash anything, if it misses hammer -> flare grunt, when your opponent has nothing left, rocket’s handiwork a couple of times to make sure you have the bigger deck and proceed to deck.


The new masquerains attack is a guaranteed royal flash every turn for 1 colorless energy and 30 damage. Plus it has free retreat.

I was thinking of putting in garbodor but i wanted to be able to use ratattas ability to remove bursting balloons.

Rockets handiwork is a good idea though. That parallel gastrodon combo is just the type of annoyance that I would love to utilize since i dont have a stadium in here anyways.

If i do add masquerain then maybe I should cut out Manaphy EX then?


Ah, I misread the masquerain as moving your own energy. I think royal flash is the way to go though, as otherwise we can’t attack. Manaphy is pretty useful for switching between gastrodon and raticate for complicated scenarios. It also prevents your opponent trying to break the lock through lysandre stalling. I think we need 4 parallel city’s + delinquent to make this work, lol did I just contemplate playing 4 parallel cities???
My take on the deck is to deck the opponent game 1 and run time before they can win game 2; or if they conceed game 1 early, there might actually be enough time to win 2 games out of 3! The important part being a) knowing when to conceed game 1 to keep enough time for game 2 and b) dealing with top-cut tie rulings (nats 2015 any1?). This is shaping up to be quite funny.


##Pokémon - 20

  • 4 Talonflame STS 96
  • 1 Shaymin-EX ROS 77
  • 1 Tauros-GX SUM 100
  • 2 Fomantis SUM 14
  • 2 Lurantis-GX SUM 15
  • 2 Lileep PLB 3
  • 2 Cradily PLB 4
  • 2 Vileplume AOR 3
  • 2 Serperior LTR 8
  • 2 Reuniclus BLW 57

##Trainer Cards - 33

  • 4 Acro Bike PRC 122
  • 4 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
  • 1 Colress PLS 118
  • 1 Computer Search BCR 137
  • 2 Level Ball NXD 89
  • 1 Lysandre AOR 78
  • 4 Professor Juniper DEX 98
  • 2 N DEX 96
  • 2 Sky Field ROS 89
  • 4 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
  • 3 Ultra Ball ROS 93
  • 3 Forest of Giant Plants AOR 74
  • 2 Root Fossil Lileep PLB 87

##Energy - 7

  • 7 Grass Energy

Total Cards - 60

So this deck is an updated version of “The Truth” that Ross Cawthon used to take 2nd place at Worlds in 2011. You use Cradilly to get out stage 2s. On the 1st turn you want to get Vileplume to lock items, and on the 2nd turn, you want to get Serperior and Reuniclus to manipulate damage. Lurantis and Tauros are your attackers, and Talonflame is to help set up. Please note that this is completely untested.


Do tell me if I’m missing something, but the only way to lileep seems to be 2 root fossils. I think that’s more suspect than the 2nd serperior.


Ummm… that’s not how this works. The Truth was completely different from what you were trying to do.


It is alright. The Lileep has an ability that places it on the bottom of the deck, so the Root Fossil will definitely work.[quote=“jirachi123, post:73, topic:9377”]
Ummm… that’s not how this works. The Truth was completely different from what you were trying to do.

Not truly… The Truth used Reuniclus and Blissey to manipulate damage to create attackers that could not die. Because Blissey is out of the format, we can use Serperior to try to help. The original used Vileplume to create a predictable board state, just as we do.


Ah ofc, I forget that ability. If we want the whole Truth party, we are going to need Donphan!!


It isn’t in the format… Also, I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread, is there any chance a mod can move it to the expanded thread?


pretty sure there’s a donphan in expanded, no?


Not a good one for our purpose…


well, this one did have a metagame impact a long time ago :wink:
Certainly not as old as the Truth now is it?


The problem with that Dolphin is that it doesn’t do enough damage. It also forces a switch to the bench, which is negative in this situation.