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My bad, you’re right. Didn’t know that he existed.


Best way to play Mega Beedrill EX?
(Fun deck)


Eels and Smeargle in Expanded, in Standard I’d say 4 Mega Turbo and 4 Puzzle.


Yanmega to finish them off while re powering


Here is my try at a low tier deck. I’ve tried this combo with snorlax FCO but I like Darkrai better.

Pokemon 15

Pancham BKP x3
Pangoro BKP x3
Darkrai EX BKP x4
Lugia FCO x1
Drowzee BKP x2
Hypno BKP x2

Trainers 32
Fighting fury belt x4
Float stone x3
Chaos tower x3
Super rod x2
Special charge x1
Ultra ball x4
Vs seeker x2
Trainer mail x3
Bridgette x2
Wally x2
Professor sycamore x2
N x2
Lysandre x1
Hex maniac x1

Energy 13
9 Dark

The idea is to have Pangoro as the first attacker to use parting shot to chip away at an opponent and switch into Darkrai EX while comboing with sleep to force an opponent to switch their active, or attempt to wake up and attack for 240 damage to KO a Darkrai after parting shot (280 with FFB and 220 if they switch in to negate the parting shot.) After chipping away with Pangoro you use Dark Head to take KOs once the math is in your favor.

This is my first deck post so let me know what you think.


At a glance your plan seems to be to put darkrai-EX active (with a shield) and let your opponent hit it before it attacks. Using a card like wobbuffet to slow your opponent down and then retreating into darkrai would probably be better if you need time to setup your darkrai-EX on the bench. (chaos tower should be enough to stop you from sleeping yourself)


All-Night Party is better


But both players can use all night party. Which means they would heal off the damage that parting shot deal. Is there a reason to use all night party instead?


One shot stuff while healing yourself with darkrais second attack


generally darkrai-EXs second attack doesn’t OHKO EXs so the sleep flip is worth more merit then the heal there, but it depends whether you are playing an Ex or non-Ex focused deck. (non-ex being where you would want all-night party; ex where you would want chaos tower) But I agree anp is better due to 250hp being sudo-magic in that decks like scizor and the early chip damage from volcanion often deal 240 damage over 2 turns.


Okay so maybe drop lugia for wob?

And I was thinking about adding two bursting baloons to make ohkos more easier to land.

Also is my energy count enough? Or are there too many?


If you’re only playing two bursting balloons, then your opponent could easily play said it. I don’t see a reason to run it. I also think the preferred first attacker should be a basic, not a stage one. Also, you should try max elixir.


The main point is that parting shot really doesn’t actually help your plan, (I mean, I get the whole “use hypno, evolve to cancel sleep, parting shot into darkrai” idea, but in practice in can be done with 1 switch or 1 chaos tower/all-night party). A copy of the non-EX-yveltal without the ability could help you setup energy onto darkrai-EX while do chip damage also.

Bursting balloon could be an idea if you generally end up playing against mega decks but really if you choose all-night party they heal and balloon doesn’t pick up the ko; and if you choose to play chaos tower then the sleep flip will make a 50% chance of the balloon being worthless. Of course balloon could setup a ko where if they attack your active, darkrai comes up and OHKOs pretty much anything, but there is another attacker which easily outclasses bursting balloon:

Fright night yveltal: This baby is the bane of all mega decks, nullifying spirit links it can buy time just by being active. Pile a dce and a dark onto it and deal that early damage that will put megas down to OHKO range for darkrai; you can even hit 2 at once! Also, the awkward 130 hp is often not OHKO’d so you can often attack twice, maybe picking off a shaymin-ex while slowing setup and dealing large chip damage to your opponents active! Would probably be as effective as wobb aswell as being able to attack.

max elixir is kind of the card that makes this deck work fast enough to catch opponents off guard. You have actually got a very good energy line up so don’t worry to much about that, it just needs a little speed from max elixir.

wally and brigette are a little gimmicky, and the benefits are vastly outweighed by the amount of times they will be dead cards. Might i suggest you add a level ball to setup the hypno if that often feels difficult and use the space to bump up the lysandre and maybe also the hex (less essencial) to 2. You can lysandre a mon with 2 or more retreat and put fright night into the active and trap it if your opponent relies on float stones to retreat.
Also looking at the list it looks like you are a little too afraid of losing resources to a sycamore (2 super rod; only 2 sycamore). Generally as a guideline, a lot of decks like to max out on sycamore as even if you end up drawing multiples, it still allows you to draw 7 cards (which is amazing!). If you run more sycamore, you will find that vs seeker is more useful when you draw it as it can recover any supporter like lysandre, hex, n or even sycamore, that you discarded earlier. Generally max out on these two cards. (n.b. usually you don’t need more than 1 super rod when the only thing you will probably end up discarding to sycamore ever is a stage 1 of a 2-2 evolution line)
I know this got a little bit long but its probably easier than replying back and forth. Remember don’t take my words to be 100% true, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there isn’t always a correct or incorrect way in deck building.


Yes I had max elixer in the deck at first but then I took them out for some reason. Thanks for telling me exactly how useful fright night yveltal is early game. I’ve wondered why a lot of decks ran it and then I remember the lack of tool removal.

This was an idea I had because I wanted to combo parting shot with a decent attacker. My first build had snorlax FCO as the main attacker and I’ve even thought about using a deck with hypno sleep, chaos tower, parting shot into promo Malamar (but that was very clunky and the payoff wasn’t that great).

I like to build low tier decks for fun and I just couldn’t find a decent attacker so I settled on Darkrai EX.

Very helpful advice, thank you.

-1 Lugia
-1 pancham
-1 pangoro
-1 bridgette
-1 wally
-1 super rod

+2 Yveltal BKT
+2 sycamore
+2 level ball

Not sure what to drop to fit in max elixer though.


drop the other wally and bridgette; level ball outclasses them. You could drop a fury belt and float stone probably should be “switched” for switch as float stone doesn’t work on fright night yveltal; also switch synergises well with hypno as it wakes you up whereas float stone doesn’t and you probably won’t need 3.
parting shot generally isn’t that great (esp if you switch into an attacker) as you generally could be doing more than 10 damage; but if its pangoro you want to use, try the benevolent boss promo I believe its still in the format.


This is where to post Mew EX Decks, I have one, but i do not have the deck list at the moment. I will Edit this when I have access to my list.

1x Shaymin EX 106 ROS
4x Mew EX
1x Mewtwo EVO
1x Jirachi RC13 GEN
1x Mew 29 FCO
3x Unown 30 AOR
2x Sableye 92 PR
1x Mewtwo EX 157 BRT
1x Lugia EX 68 AOR

3x Fighting Fury Belt
3x Energy Reset
1x Energy Retrieval
2x Healing Scarf
1x Trainer’s Mail
1x Escape Rope
3x Professor’s Letter
4x Puzzle of time
1x VS Seeker

2x Lysandre
4x N
2x Pokemon Fan Club


1x Basic Fairy
1x Basic Dark
2x Basic Metal
6x Basic Psychic
4x Double Colorless Energy
4x Rainbow Energy

TOTAL: 60x

Mew EX Variants // PRC-on

okay… not really sure what lugia EX, mew FCO, mewtwo EVO, jirachi that isn’t stardust jirachi, Energy reset, healing scarf, energy retrieval, professor’s letter, puzzle of time, pokemon fan club, high N count and ridiculously high energy count are for? Also this list doesn’t have any way of dumping energy for sableye; the card’s interesting.
mewEX needs nice ideas like shedinja or something, otherwise there’s nothing special about using it to justify it as a 4-of.
That being said the trainer line-up needs: trainers’ mail is generally better than unown, (unown fan here btw). Not sure how you capatilise on the shaymin-EX O.o without running 4 ultra ball. Please, 4 vs seeker in a deck like this one. Mew-EX decks generally play Max elixirs too. (Luxury: Crushing hammers are nice if you have space)
where the heck is professor sycamore?
Enjoy silent lab if you don’t play stadiums in a mew deck.
And what is the fairy energy even for???


Like Swan said, you might need to look into different ideas for partners with Mew EX. Mostly the rest of the attackers don’t offer too much to Mew to make it worthwhile.

I think Mew’s best partners are ones like Jolteon-EX, Glaceon-EX and Regice - Mew EX doesnt have a lot of HP, so giving it a way to deal damage and protect itself is a good way to go.

As long as you’re not going the Vileplume route, I’d think about using Elixir to rush energy into play.


I’m not really sure why mew FCO doesn’t appear in jolteon/glaceon/regice mew-EX variants at least as a 1-of:
-70 less hp is not a big factor as generally if you want hp you would be using jolteon or glaceon themselves.
-free retreat is nice as it always feels a little awkward having to use energy to retreat mew-EX in a garb mu.
-1 prize attack is the main pro to using it.


Ok so I’ve been thinking of a deck containing mew(versatile) and maybe mega charizard(evo) because wouldn’t mew be able to use crimson dive and 1hko anything just maybe add some stuff to help charge mew’s energy up faster?