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I am fairly new to the game, and this is the first deck I have been working on. Any comments/advice would be appreciated.


4 Reshiram (ROS)
2 Hydreigon-EX (ROS)
2 Giratina-EX (AOR)
2 Shaymin-EX (ROS)

4 Professor Sycamore (BKP)
2 N (FCO)
2 Lysandre (AOR)
1 Hex Maniac (AOR)
1 Olympia (GEN)

4 VS Seeker (ROS)
4 Trainers’ Mail (ROS)
4 Ultra Ball (FCO)
1 Heavy Ball (BKT)
3 Max Elixir (BKP)
1 Super Rod (BKT)
1 Special Charge (STS)

3 Bursting Balloon (BKP)
2 Fighting Fury Belt (BKP)

2 Parallel City (BKT)
1 Fairy Garden (FCO)

10 Fire Energy (GEN)
4 Double Dragon Energy (ROS)


Take out the 3 Bursting Balloon and put in a 3rd Fighting Fury Belt, a Hoopa EX (Scoundrel Ring), and put in a switch. Next take out Olympia and the heavy ball and out in a 2nd Switch and put in an Escape Rope.

-3 Bursting Balloons
+1 Hoopa EX
+1 Fighting Fury Belt
+1 Switch
-1 Olympia
-1 Heavy Ball
+1 Switch
+1 Escape Rope


I think you need 3 Giratina for this deck to function properly, otherwise you just run out of attackers.


Going to springboard a discussion on typhlosion before it becomes a meta deck. if the deck runs hot it will win fl, but that’s a huge gamble.


I see what you did there.

About all I’ve established with it is that I don’t like it unless it’s 4 Talonflame and 3 Cyndaquil - anything more seems to overbalance it to the point where it doesn’t work nearly as well. That’s all I’ve established so far as I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it.


Could you build a viable deck around Talonflame BREAK (170 HP)? You get to take advantage of Gale Wings to start with Talonflame every so often, and the BREAK attack does 150 for 2 Fire Energy, which have to be discarded. You could run it with 4 Burning Energy to get it set up well, especially with Aero Blitz allowing you to grab that Burning Energy. You’d run Rare Candy to get you to Talonflame fast on the bench, and it has free retreat. Add in some Bursting Balloons & Assault Vests and you could make it a pain for your opponent to get 6 prizes.

So, uh, could this actually be a thing?


Well… Probably not a competitive deck, seeing as you couldn’t really attack every turn, and you’d only get talonflame turn 1 sometimes. It just seems a bit too slow, which kind of outweighs it’s benefits. There are many better attackers. Even with burning energy, it just seems like it loses to so many things.


This is the PRC-on thread.

Agreed, it’s practically impossible to stream stage 3 non-grass attackers.


It was moved here from a format non specific topic. But If you truly want to play it, then some alternate attacker would be necessary, since streaming stage 3’s isn’t the fastest thing to do. Also, you’d have to choose between setup via fire energy talonflame, or doing Damage via talonflame break because you can’t attach burning energy to regular talonflame.

The post was edited.


Ah, okay. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Your best bet is a 1-2 of in typhlosion talonflame.


Ho-oh EX (BKP)

Pokemon (10)

3 Ho-oh EX (BKP)
2 Mew (FCO)
1 Glaceon EX (FCO)
1 Jolteon EX (GEN)
1 Regice (AOR)
2 Shaymin EX (ROS)

Supporters (12)

4 Professor Sycamore
4 N
2 Lysandre
2 Ninja Boy

Items (25)

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Max Elixir
3 Trainers’ Mail
3 Energy Switch
1 Super Rod
2 Faded Town
2 Fighting Fury Belt
1 Exp. Share
1 Float Stone

Energy (13)

4 Lightning
4 Water
3 Grass
2 Fire

Some Card Choices

2 Mew (FCO)

I chose to play 2 Mews in order to have a way to OHKO a M Mewtwo. Also the free retreat on it (and Jolteon EX) allow for an easier time powering up a Ho-oh on the bench. This also allows me to run fewer switching cards than I normally would, as I can ninja boy a whatever is active to a Mew to retreat.

3 Energy Switch

At the end of the day, the deck is about Ho-oh EX, and I have found that 4 Elixir + 3 Energy Switch give me pretty good odds of the turn 2 (or even turn 1) Elemental Feather. 3 still seems like a lot here and I would definitely consider 2 as an option.

2 Faded Town

These are here (1) to have any counter stadium and (2) to apply some bonus damage along side the 30 damage bench snipe.

1 - 1 - 1 Secondary Attackers

The biggest question mark is still what to do with the secondary attackers (Jolteon EX, Glaceon EX, Regice) in this deck. Thus far I am happy with these attackers overall and I think that pokemon with wall-type attacks are the right choice here. However, the counts of each should probably be adjusted based on what I expect to play…

Nothing that attacks for [G]

I don’t know what to say here, there wasn’t much in the way of basic grass attackers that can hit for [G][-][-]. This is also why the energy split is 4[L], 4[W], 3[G]. Definitely let me know if you think of something that fits here :slight_smile:


The idea for this deck came out of me trying to figure out how water box might look in the current standard, with some inspiration from the Vileplume Rainbow toolbox deck that popped up. Needless to say, the deck no longer resembles anything water-box, but keeps the spirit of using multiple different attackers for various situations. The idea here is we can leverage the fact that everything in the deck can attack for Ho-oh’s attack cost ([G][W][L]) which opens the door for cool plays with Ninja Boy.

I’ve been playing this deck for a while now and wanted to get some thoughts outside of the poeple I normally play with at my local shop. I have heard a couple distant rumors of people at least looking at Ho-oh EX to see if it might be viable and I wanted to share my list here. Let me know what you guys think!


If you’re going to do this, I’d probably cut the Faded Town, Float Stone, 2 Sycamore and an N and put in 4 Puzzle, a Hoopa-EX, and another super rod. You need acceleration and you need as many Max Elixir as you can get, you need to hit as many as you can, and you need to find your Pokemon. Hoopa will help you getting your Ho-Oh, your Jolteon/Glaceon, and your Shaymin.


I think at least three sycamore is necessary.


Thanks for the feedback! I like the thought of a second super rod in here, and i will probably cut an N for it. I don’t think I am a fan of Hoopa here though, as I dont really want to search out the Glaceon/Jolteon and rather Ninja boy into it in most circumstances. The second super rod helps here too as it makes it easier to get the one-ofs back into the deck.

Could you elaborate on the need for Puzzles here? Are you thinking primarily for the possibility of more max elixirs? I like the thought, but I’d have to test to see what I would lose on overall consistency.


Its potential usefulness here would have to be assessed before including it, but since you mentioned it:

Pinsir is a non-EX basic Pokémon with a GCC attack that can easily take down the likes of Zygarde-EX, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and possibly more. Unfortunately it doesn’t OHKO Greninja, because Greninja has free retreat. I realize none of the three big EXes I mentioned are getting much hype at the moment, but if and when that changes, Pinsir may be worth remembering.


Basically you’re playing [X][C][C] and [X][Y][Z] Pokemon, so you’re going to need to accelerate energy somehow. I like the idea of EXP. Share, but you really want to be using FFB, I get that, but Max Elixir seems to be the best, and, as you’ll need more than 4 Max Elixirs in a game, you’re going to want some way to recycle them. Junk Hunt and Junk Arm in the past would have sufficed, but as those are gone, you need some way to access the discard. Enter PoT.


Have you considered Volcarona? It may be a stage 1, but for a single colorless it allows you to search your deck for a basic, put it on the bench and attach 2 basic energy to it. With FOGP you can get a Solar Birth on your first attacking turn only needing to attach on your following to begin the Elemental Feather attacks.


That Volcarona is a fire type, so you would need a Wally.


Unless I’m reading the interaction wrong on FOGP, which is entirely possible, you should be able to use the Larvesta from STS then evolve into Volcarona.