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This is the thread for all decks that have not established themselves as solid metagame concepts. In general, it should be the default location for new players seeking help on their first couple of decks. Additionally, moderators reserve the right to place decks that have never seen competitive play on a significant level in this thread.

Talonflame BREAK - viable deck?
"The Thrill Of The Hunt" Sniping Deck List
Mew EX Variants // PRC-on

Quad Hoothoot

4 Hoothoot
2 Jirachi Promo
2 Garbodor
2 Trubbish
4 N
2 Judge
3 Flare Grunt
2 Delinquent
2 Skyla
2 Lysandre
4 VS Seeker
3 Level Ball
4 Trainers Mail
4 Fighting Fury Belt
2 Float Stone
4 Puzzle Of Time
4 Crushing Hammer
2 Enhanced Hammer
1 Super Rod
3 Parallel City

Pretty much you just Item Lock with Hoothoot and be annoying with everything else.



Seismitoad without damage?

I don’t think so.


Don’t underestimate the Hoothoot


Lol. Why not play vileplume noctowl break if you are going to play hoothoot.


How much would you pay me to play this bc I probably would


If you’re so confident, why don’t you go to a Regionals, win prizes, and then not have to have anyone pay you?

Honestly, if you want to play this deck, I don’t care. It obviously isn’t any Wailord top secret type deck, so that immediately brings this deck down a notch or two since whoever thought this up thought that it wasn’t good enough to keep secret.[quote=“Butt3rBob, post:2, topic:9377”]
be annoying with everything else

@Butt3rBob even says that the whole point of the deck is to annoy, and there aren’t any options to mill (yet), so why even bother trying to make the deck work at this point?

Fun? Yes
Annoying? Yes
Competitive? Probably not


I’m not saying it’s competitive otherwise there would be a whole seperate thread for it. I’m just having some fun. I wouldn’t play it at a tournament.


To be fair this says uncategorized meta, not league decks.Although I am a fan of exploring ideas of cards.


The point of this thread is to create decks that are fun, interesting, and occasionally funny. It’s not likely you will go to this thread, and find a deck to play for regionals or anything.


I assumed that this thread was for decks that had potential due to the title.

There is now a non-meta thread, and the OP makes it seem like this thread if for decks that are somewhat viable.

Sorry for any misunderstandings.


The point of the Uncategorized thread in each sub-forum is to serve both of these purposes at once without cluttering the rest of the forum. So, you’re both right. @Y_Guy3 just happened to beat me to making this year’s Standard one so it originally lacked the official description that I’m about to edit in.


Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.


I’m testing this, and I think it works kind of cool.
4 Ralts BKT
1 Kirlia AOR
4 Gallade BKT
4 Talonflame STS
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
1 Hex Maniac
1 Pokemon Ranger
1 Teammates
1 Giovanni’s Scheme
4 Ultra Ball
4 Vs Seeker
2 Level Ball
4 Rare Candy
4 Bursting Balloon
1 Escape Rope
1 Eco Arm
1 Super Rod
1 Special Charge
5 Fighting


That honestly looks like a really good and fun deck, I like the addition of Talonflame and Bursting Balloon compared to older lists before the rotation. Brigette could be a card you could put in there along with Octillery like they ran before in before rotation lists.


Why the fighting energy? Shouldn’t it be fairy energy to use the attack on Ralts or Kirlia? Or maybe you could find a good big basic attacker to set up behind.


I think he should just go with fairy energy in my opinion because if he does he has the option of running Fairy Garden, and if his opponent runs Fairy Garden then it helps out pretty nicely.


Silent Lab is better than Fairy Garden, Octillery decreases your chances of starting Talonflame.


Octillery allows you to draw what you want after you use Premonition.


Talonflame allows you to set up Gallades easier.