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This is the thread for all decks that have not established themselves as solid metagame concepts. In general, it should be the default location for new players seeking help on their first couple of decks. Additionally, we’ll be reserving the right to place decks that have never seen competitive play on a significant level in this thread.

M Scizor EX, Zoroark BREAK // BLW-on 2017

Still new to posting here so let me know if I should change anything. This deck hasn’t seen much official success so I wanted to put it in the uncategorized section but not sure how to do that.

The original idea came from when I passed this youtube video:

I edited and tweaked it to my liking after.

3 Mega Scizor EX
3 Scizor EX
3 Zoroark BREAK
3 Zoroark (Stand In ability)
3 Zorua
2 Octillery
2 Remoraid

3 Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
2 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Wally

4 Ultra Ball
3 Scizor Spirit Link
2 Muscle Band
2 VS Seeker
2 Float Stone
1 Evosoda
1 Level Ball
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Super Rod

2 Reverse Valley

3 Dark Energy
6 Steel Energy

The general strategy is to rush out a MScizor and start swinging for 120 as early as possible, although often times you might be left rushing out a Zoroark that will be hitting for similar numbers. Later in the game you will most likely want Zoroark as your main attacker as their bench fills up and you have muscleband/reverse valley powering your zoroark up. Its stand-in ability makes this easy, combined with floatstone making it quite strong. Octillery is there as a consistent draw engine.

I understand at its inception, this list was made with standard in mind and I’m wondering if there are any Expanded cards that could be put in to make the deck stronger. Shaymin comes to mind instead of Octillery, however octillery is doing its job pretty well for now.
Other cards I’d like to add in are Trainer’s mail and maybe pokemon center lady again although Im not sure what to cut, perhaps the pokemon fan clubs.

Let me know what you guys think


It’s dark integral gaming… I’m done :expressionless:


This deck will get ripped apart by literally every other deck in the format because it is too slow.


Where’s the synergy? Zoroark and Scizor have nothing to do with each other and neither gives the other any benefits. You hit for 120 turn 2… And then what? Keep hitting 120 every turn? Once they see the Zoroark/Zorua, they’ll try to keep their bench low, unless it’s Mega Rayquaza in which case you get destroyed anyway because they can one-shot you every turn. I just don’t see this being a very strong deck.


Mega scizor in standard is no joke. DIG scizor in expanded however…


Thanks for the feedback, I just got into pokemon seriously and feel new to the scene so Im not sure what the general consensus around DarkIntegralGaming is, does he not have a very good reputation? Should I avoid his deck profiles if I am looking for something competitive in the future?

Anyways regarding the deck, is there any way for MScizor to be viable at all in expanded? If so what sorts of changes and pairings should I be looking to put it with? Or should I abandon MScizor as a main pokemon entirely if Im looking for a competitive deck in expanded? Can it hold its own in Standard?

Thanks again for the help


I’d say it’s the fact that DarkIntegralGaming’s lists are sub-par that gives him a bad reputation. For instance, running 4 Tierno in some decks and most of his decks not having Shaymin-EX in them.


Don’t forget the names he gives his videos. “Nasty Porygon Z mega Alakazam deck, crazy build, control the entire game!” Is a personal favorite.


Ah, I understand where you’re coming from now. False forced hype and clickbait titles. Sounds like hes the buzzfeed of pokemon.


He literally faces no good/decent/meta decks on PTCGO and his deck ideas and lists are awful and he just isn’t a very good player in general.


Darkintegeralgaming is generally despised throughout the better players in the pokememon community, his video seem to be designed to create interest for 7 year olds, not to create great lists that are fun, but also fast, and consistent. If he played his most competetive deck in a tournament, he’d probably go 1-x winning his last match, and last match only.


Like…2 Vs Seeker? 2 Pokemon Fan Club? 3 Zoroark BREAK? 1 Wally? 1 Evosoda? No Shaymin EX? Really?


Any thoughts on this deck? Its formatted for expanded play but id like to upgrade it for standard and make it more well rounded.

Ideally you’d start out with either talonflame or entei.

Talonflame has an ability, gale wings, which allows it to be your active, upon setting up if its in-hand despite it being a stage 2, and its attack lets you pull out 2 cards from your deck, so id use it to pull out kangaskhan and double colorless energies to build a quick set up.

Another way to go is with entei in play and camerupt on the bench, you could just load camerupt up with energies, using burning roar. Then when
Camerupt is in play, use explosive jet to one-hit KO.

There’s multiple ways you could mix those strategies up, and the trainers offer counters as well.

Here’s the full list
##Pokémon - 14

  • 4 Talonflame STS 96
  • 4 Kangaskhan FAC 75
  • 2 Camerupt-EX PRC 29
  • 4 Entei AOR 14

##Trainer Cards - 22

  • 2 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
  • 2 Ultra Ball FLF 99
  • 2 Pokémon Center Lady FLF 93
  • 4 Skyla BKT 148
  • 2 Steven ROS 90
  • 2 Parallel City BKT 145
  • 2 Switch BCR 135
  • 4 Ether PLS 121
  • 2 Muscle Band XY 121

##Energy - 24

  • 20 Fire Energy Energy 2
  • 4 Double Colorless Energy XY 130


Have you tried out this deck? What are some of its matchups like?


DarkIntegralGaming is quite possibly the worst youtuber where generating “competitive” deck lists is concerned. As has been stated by other members, his lists are barely sub-par in their construction. I would check out Some1sPC, as they do a good job creating solid lists and a good variety of them at that. Great tool for someone just getting into the game. In fact he did a video on Mega Scizor just a week or two ago.


If some1spc put out content on average 1-2 times a week there would be no reason to watch anyone else.


I’m about to my second video in a few hours, ezpz.


Ive played this deck for the past year and made slight changes but nothing crazy. The matchups are usually great, even againt a water type deck no problems, just havent played against many really advanced decks i dont think


Then you haven’t been playing any real games.