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Ok ill do that way but ill have to do it after school today cause i dont have enough time right now


And here is the list in a lot cleaner of a format

1 Carbink (safeguard)
3 Landorus EX
1 Hoopa EX
2 Shaymin EX
3 Regirock EX
3-3 Raichu or zebstrika (most likely Raichu)
1 Lucario EX
1 Keldeo EX

4 vs seeker
4 Juniper
1 Lysandre
3 sky field
1 fighting stadium
3 ultra ball
1 level ball
3 muscle band
2 float stone
1 switch
1 target whistle
2 Colress
3 N
1 sacred ash

3 strong energy
3 double colorless energy
4 fighting energy

There, much better now!


Oh and also 2 hawlucha

here are some changes im thinking of
-1-1 raichu
-1 sky field
-1 level ball
+1 regi
+3 trainers mail

Any other ideas? these are just a few changes i might make


Please play 4 of these not 1


meant to put 4. i fixed it thanks


I assume you mean 4 of these,

and then 3 of these,


I don’t like to be too reliant on special energy and you can attach regular to raichu but I’ll take the strong energy into account


So this will be the second time I’m replying to this deck idea of yours, but I like the concept so you’re lucky. Just a couple of questions:

  1. What is Carbink doing in the deck? What do you hope to gain by having him on your team?
  2. If this deck is centered around Landorus-EX and Regirock-EX, why only 3 of each? I could understand the Regirock maybe, but not the Lando Calrissean.
  3. You have 10 EXs not counting Hoopa-EX. He will only help you get 3 out. Why not add another?
  4. Lucario-EX gets destroyed by Trevenant. I’m not even asking a question. You should just take him out.
  5. Keldeo-EX is doing what in this deck? Are you subsequently trying to cover Status, Lightning Weakness on opponent mons, Safeguarding EXs, and Attack Power all in one? If your answer is yes, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  6. You have 3-7 Fightning (not Strong) Energies to use for 3 Raichus, 3 Landorus EXs and 2 Hawluchas and you’re not even playing a Super Rod. What’s wrong with this picture?
  7. You’re playing 18 Pokemon and 3 Ultra Balls? Bro…
  8. I didn’t even get started on the 3-3 Raichu line. I’ll save that for later.

I’m only asking these questions because there are some who would rather bash your deck, say you’re doing it all wrong, it’s a dumb idea, or say nothing at all and go on about testing their 3 different decks for Regionals. I’m trying to help and the only way you’ll learn is if you see for yourself. Take these questions to heart and find a good answer for each. If you show me otherwise, I will happily agree with you.


Ok thanks. i like carbink for safeguard might come in handy a bit. Keldeo is for rush in retret with float stone. lucario will be taken out as i dont see it being too bug and ill lower the raichu count to 2-2. super rod would probably be better that sacred ash. I am thinking of another hoopa but not another lando. I am not that good at decklist writing, so sorry for that. I think i will find a spot for another ultra ball


Any chance for Regirock-EX to revive Medicham? Critiques are appreciated.


What does celebi really help with?
How many times would you only use the basic’s attack?


Almost always, actually.

90-HP attackers are rarely expected to survive more than a single turn.


I still like the idea of Landorus EX and Regirock EX. Yeah you have a bunch of Basics that Jolteon can really take a toll on, but those decks don’t play item lock, so VS Seeker to Lysandre is consistently possible. Turn 2 attacks are slow these days. I’d like to start hitting with a Landorus for 30 + 10-20 (Fury Belt or Band) + 20-30 (Regirock EXs) + 20 (Strong Energy) + 30 (Fighting Stadium) = 110-130 Turn 1 minus another 20 for Yveltal EXs and Shaymin EXs Resistance, but x2 for Darkrai EXs Weakness.

The only way I see your deck working Turn 1 and very consistently is if you put in a Wally or 2. A Battle Compressor will make that slightly easier too. There are some other things I’d change but that’s just for now and it’s only my opinion.


I wasn’t sure where else to ask this question:

Does Alakazam EX’s ability (Kinesis) get shut off by Silent Lab since the ability takes effect BEFORE it Mega Evolves?


You would assume so, since it is a basic Pokemon and all.


I’m still hashing it out but… 4 wob 4 aerodactyl fco.


I just wish Aerodactyl was a Basic so I could use Mew FCO with it. That’d obviously be crazy good, but one can only dream. I like your idea though. Would you put an Omastar and Archies to get out more Aerodactyls quicker or is that way too unecessary?


So far i like the wob version more but still testing between teh 2.


seems like an ok rogue deck maybe run some wobbs to stall as you set up