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And how many of them had a real deck? 1? Because this loses to:
Yveltal Elixer
Night march


How do you know those are bad match ups if you’ve never played with it in our modern format?


because the principle of trading 1 for 2 will never be good


Got it, but I’m just saying that he got 3rd with it, I never said it was good. I also didn’t ask for any criticism on the deck. I just posted it because it worked. Thanks for the unneeded criticism I really appreciate it, but I’m done discussing this deck now.


Then why post if you don’t want people to discuss?


We just did discuss it if you just scroll up you can see our conversation about what it apparently loses to.


All I’m saying is that you can’t just stop discussing something. When people want to stop discuss it, they will. Sorry if I come off as rude or anything…


It’s ok man you didn’t sound rude, I just recently got all of my Pokemon cards stolen a few days ago and this Cacturne Deck is my only deck that didn’t get stolen because my friend borrowed it and didn’t give it back until the day after my stuff got stolen.


Oh, man, I’m so sorry to hear that. That sucks so much. I’m sorry that happened to you.


Yeah so pretty much I’ve been defending the only deck I own anymore. It can beat some decks but I know it can’t bet Raikou/Eels or say like Trev or Vileplume.


Hi guys. i an wondering about a deck with Lando EX, Regirock EX, and Raichu. the idea is to bench lots of regirocks to power up lando EX. however, this is not good against decks with beefy pokemon, because most have fighting resistance which would make a 3 hit ko. Most of those pokemon also have lightning weakness, so you can use raichu to make some big damage. also, i run 1 carbink for safeguard, but that alone really cant do much with hex maniac and baby pokemon. I think this deck has a really good shot against many popular decks but i’d like as much input as possible. also, should i run 1 or 2 hoopa in this deck? thanks for reading guys.


I’d look at using Zebstrika BKP Instead of Raichu - doesn’t require the big bench to do that damage.


Wow that is a good idea
thanks man!


wait but its ability says that attacks from your lightning pokemon isnt affected by effects on your opponents active pokemon


Your point being what? If anything, that is a great ability. This means your lightning pokemon are not affected by mighty shield, shining body, and some other abilities I am forgetting. Hope this helps.


what about weakness?


Weakness still happens, technically weakness and resistance aren’t “affects”. Correct me if I’m wrong.


BTW this is my list
1 carbink (safeguard)/ 4 vs seekers/ 2 float stone /3 strong energy
3 landorus EX/ 4 Sycamore /1 switch /3 double colorless
1 hoopa EX/ 1 Lysandre /1 target whistle /4 fighting energy
2 Shaymin-EX/ 3 sky field / 2 colress
3 Regirock-EX / 1 fighting stadium/ 3 N
3-3 raichu or zebstrika/ 3 ultra ball/ 1 sacred ash
1 lucario EX/ 1 level ball/
2 hawlucha/ 3 muscle band/


and sorry for the dang horrid formatting


Was gonna say…
For future, please format