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Hi there I think that Zoroak Break may be a possible deck to play for Expanded so if you could leave feedback on my list that would be great.
3 Zorua (LTR)
1Zorua (BKT 89)
4Zoroark (BKT)
3Zoroark Break (BKT)
2Yveltal EX (XY)
1Yveltal (XY)
1Darkrai EX (DEX)
2Shaymin EX ( RSK)
4Double Colourless Energy
5Dark Energy
4Professor Sycamore
4VS Seeker
2Battle Compressor
4Dark Patch
2Team Flare Grunt
3Muscle Band
1Computer Search
4Ultra Ball
1Sky Field
1Shadow Circle


So I have been playing this deck for a about a month or so now and I am probably going to play this for regionals. I really love this deck but it has some consistency issues at times. If you could spare them, i’d like some suggestions on what changes I could make.
Pokemon: 17
3 Wobbuffet
4 Zubat (Free Flight)
4 Golbat
3 Crobat
2 Mewtwo EX NXD
1 Jirachi EX

Trainers: 34
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
1 Colress
1 Brigette
1 AZ

4 Dimensional Valley

4 Vs Seeker
4 Level Ball
3 Muscle Band
3 Super Scoop Up
2 Pokémon Communication
1 Super Rod
1 Scoop Up Cyclone

Energy: 9
4 Psychic
2 Mystery
3 Double Colorless


In my opinion 4 Wobbuffet is a must so you can start with more often and stop your opponent from using Shaymin, so -1 Lysandre +1 Wobbuffet


I was going off of memory on my list. When I got home I double checked and I do play 4 Wobbuffet but I play 1 less super Scoop up and I actually play 2 DCE and 5 basic.
I’ve been wanting to add another DCE though to help get my Mewtwos hitting harder faster.


I’m thinking of running Vileplume/Exeggutor, but id like some help. How does this deck do against grass decks, such as M Sceptile? Seeing as how they cant be poisoned, how do you win? What would be a good secondary attacker? Just seeking advice for this deck. Looks like itd work out well in expanded right now.


Grass types can be poisoned, they just need to run Virizion EX, and have Grass Energies attached.

Looking at Vileplume/Exeggutor, it doesn’t do enough damage, and there’s no way to make it consistent. Vileplume with something else like Regice or Vespiquen isn’t so bad (turn 1 item lock going first beats a lot of things), but Exeggutor shouldn’t be your attacker. Maybe Vileplume/Vespiquen? (Not trying to advertise another site for all the forum moderators), but thecharizardlounge has a couple articles on Vespiquen/Vileplume (1 for standard, another for expanded), as well as lists for both formats. You could give those a read and see if you like the deck.

Hope this helps!


Okay, so I was playing an expanded Cities yesterday, and everyone asked me if I was playing an expanded version of Tyranitar, as it’s sort of my signature deck. I wasn’t, I played something else, but I’m curious as to how people would make it into an expanded deck list.

Here’s a rough deck list idea, and I apologize if I miss any of the major expanded card staples, as I don’t have a ton of experience with the format.

3-3 M Tyranitar EX
3 Yveltal XY
1 Sableye (Junk Hunt)
2-2 Forretress FLF

2 Virbank City Gym

4 Professor Sycamore/Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
2 Lysandre

4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Dark Patch
4 Ultra Ball

3 Tyranitar Spirit Link
3 Muscle Band

1 Professor’s Letter
1 Dowsing Machine

8 dark energy

I feel like I should potentially have a couple Darkrai EX in there for the free retreat, but I’m not quite sure what I would take out.

Have fun critiquing.


3-3 m ttar
3 Yveltal
2 darkrai ex
1 Keldeo ex
2 Shaymin ex
2 absol ros


two darkrai isn’t needed if you run keldeo

@BookJunkie007, instead of Muscle Band, play Assault Vest


3x Tyranitar EX
3x M Tyranitar EX
3x Yveltal
1x Yveltal EX
2x Darkrai EX
1x Keldeo EX
1x Hoopa EX
2x Shaymin EX
= 16

3x Tyranitar Spirit Link
1x Computer Search
4x Battle Compressor
4x Dark Patch
4x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker
4x Professor Juniper
1x Lysandre
1x N
1x Hex Maniac
3x Muscle Band
2x Assault Vest
= 32

4x Double Colourless Energy
8x Dark Energy
= 12

My first list, I think this would work in my head, thoughts?


While dark patch makes this work much faster you might be able to squeeze in a mega turbo or two to speed it up further.


I know Night March is a meta deck, but I’m playing this in a very non-competitive tournament with very few meta decks, so I feel it is a good deck choice that rarely dead-draws(or so I’ve heard).
****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

Pokémon - 24

2 Shaymin-EX ROS 77
1 Gallade BKT 84
2 Combee AOR 9
2 Vespiquen AOR 10
4 Joltik PHF 26
2 Tynamo NVI 39
2 Eelektrik NVI 40
1 Jirachi PR-XY XY67
4 Lampent PHF 42
4 Pumpkaboo PHF 44

Trainer Cards - 29

1 Computer Search BCR 137
4 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
3 Professor Juniper PLF 116
1 Hex Maniac AOR 75
1 Buddy-Buddy Rescue BKT 135
1 Lysandre FLF 90
2 Dimension Valley PHF 93
4 Ultra Ball FLF 99
4 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
2 Float Stone PLF 99
1 Teammates PRC 160
1 Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick PRC 133
4 VS Seeker PHF 109

Energy - 7

4 Double Colorless Energy PHF 111
3 Lightning Energy HS 118

Total Cards - 60

****** Deck List Generated by Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******

Card choices:
1 Gallade- This is from the original list that I built off of, at first I didn’t really like it and was about to cut it, but there is a Darkrai EX/Yveltal EX deck that I need it for.

2-2 Vespiquen- I tried a 3-3 line but I ended up drawing into it too often so I cut 1 line to make room for the next couple cards.

1 Jirachi promo- I just got this the other day and haven’t tested it but I know the decks I’m playing against and most, if not all, play special energy. It gives me a mid-game play when I can’t find DCE or Eelektrik.

1 Buddy-Buddy Rescue- I’ve seen this played in straight NM variants and since I don’t focus on Vespiquen as much, being able to get a night marcher or other pokemon I may have had to discard early.

2 Dimension Valley- I don’t run more of these because I tend to be able to just stream Joltiks

0 Target Whistle- I’m not bothering to play target whistle because I’m the only one with any Shaymin EX(sad but true) and most of the players don’t pay attention to how many prizes they’re giving up so they’ll send up 3 EXs and I barely have to use my Lysandre


Hey guys! This is my first post so I’m a little new to this.

So… I was looking to make a new rogue deck on the PTCGO and was browsing my collection of Maxie’s and Archie’s targets. While doing so I stumbled upon Aerodactyl DEX 53/108. I’m not sure if anyone else has ever heard of this card (I certainly hadn’t before writing this) but I think that it has a lot of potential in decks like Yveltal and Night March which would already play Maxie’s with Archeops. With Aerodactyl’s Ancient Scream abitlity, all of your pokemon’s attacks do 10 more damage. I feel like just a one of or two of in those two decks would really help a lot with math.

Please post more of your ideas of strange and new Maxie’s/Archie’s targets.

Thanks - Gabe


Aerodactyl was actually decently hyped if I read correctly. I was actually reading Kettler’s Dark Explorer’s Compendium today, where he mentioned a possible Tornadus-EX (DEX)/Aerodactyl/Twist Mountain deck, but it wasn’t as good as Darkrai/Moo2|Zeels


Oh, cool! I had never heard of it before so I assumed others hadn’t either. I hadn’t been playing back then so I wouldn’t have known.


I think this guy is better than Aerodactyl. Night March and Yveltal already run basic pokemon exclusively.


this is a deck I am interested in for its ability to annoy the opponent

2 Wailord-EX (PCL 147)
3 Bunnelby (PCL 121)
3 Houndoom-EX (BKT 153)
3 Exeggcute (PLF 4)
7 Fire Energy (XY 133)
3 Crushing Hammer (KSS 34)
2 Cassius (XY 115)
2 Team Flare Grunt (XY 129)
4 Trick Shovel (FLF 98)
4 Ultra Ball (FLF 99)
4 Super Scoop Up (FUF 100)
3 Hard Charm (XY 119)
2 Pokémon Fan Club (FLF 106)
3 Professor Birch’s Observations (PCL 159)
2 Shauna (PHF 104)
2 Rough Seas (PCL 137)
4 VS Seeker (ROS 110)
2 Lysandre (FLF 104)
4 Enhanced Hammer (PCL 162)
1 Life Dew (PLF 107)

the idea is a combination of Wailord EX’s stall power with the milling power of Bunnelby and Houndoom EX
it is still unfinished and needs editing


Why exeggcute
Also why birch in expanded?


The exeggute are there for the ‘free discard cost’ that you can get with an ultraball to conserve resources

The birch/shauna combo is there to again conserve cards and to stop me decking out. N is bad as the opponent could have a hand of 9 and it goes down, making the mill slower, and colress has the potential to deck me out against certain opponents.


Play Hugh. He lets both players discard cards from their hands until they each have 5. This is killer for an opponent who saves all their cards until late game.