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EX, stall and poke with Forretress and Ariados on bench


Don’t see much value in Forretress (you’ll want to save your scoop up cards for damaged Wailords). Ariados doesn’t really help the deck out strategy either (reducing your own Wailord’s HP doesn’t make a whole lot of sense).

You aren’t going to do enough damage to take 6 Prizes with those Pokemon, so why give them deck space over the stuff that makes Wailord work?


Here’s my variation of a Mega Rayquaza (dragon) EX deck

3x Mega Dragon Rayquaza EX - ROS
3x Dragon Rayquaza EX - ROS
4x Reshiram - ROS
2x Hydreigon EX - ROS
2x Shaymin - ROS
2x Giratina - ROS

3x Parallel City

4x Professor Sycamore
2x Professor Birch
2x Fisherman
2x Lysander

Tools & Items
2x Rayquaza Spirit Link
2x Muscle Band
4x Trainer Mail
3x VS Seeker
3x Ultra Ball
2x Switch
2x Mega Turbo
1x Professor Letter

4x Double Dragon Energy
2x Lightening Energy
8x Fire Energy

Mega (Dragon) Rayquaza EX, solid 230HP with a devastating 300 attack. Delta Wild makes it resistance to fire, water, grass, and electric (i’m looking at you Vespiqueen). Yes it’s 5 Energy, yes you have to discard 2 every time you attack, but the damage is worth it and there’s ways to get around the set backs. Baby Reshiram helps with energy acceleration and has great synergy with Drayquaza’s discarded energy. Baby Reshiram’s also provides great support as a non ex attacker (slap on a muscle band and starts hitting hard). This deck is also running 2 Hydreigon EX to help cut down on retreat cost. I was originally running 2 Giratina EX to serve as a wall while setting up Drayquaza, but i’m having second thoughts (still a possibility).

Tell me what you think!


Now, don’t write off this deck at first glance.

Pokémon: 18
3 Spritzee FLF
3 Aromatisse BKT
3 Inkay XY
3 Malamar XYP 58
2 Spinarak AOR
2 Ariados AOR
2 Skrelp FLF
2 Dragalge FLF
1 Remoraid BKT 32
1 Octillery BKT

Energy: 8
8 Fairy Energy

2 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
3 Brigette [use Fan Club on TCG ONE, Brigette is bugged]
4 Level Ball
4 Float Stone
4 VS Seeker
2 Head Ringer
1 Computer Search
1 Sacred Ash
1 Tool Scrapper
2 Silent Lab

Overview: The idea is to use Aromatisse BKT’s Heavy Perfume attack, which confuses the defending Pokemon, and if they flip tails, they take 6 damage counters. On your next turn, you retreat into Malamar XYP58, who’s ability makes all of your opponent’s coin flips Tails, so they have no way of attacking you while they’re stuck active. Then, you have Ariados AOR and Dragalge FLF to poison your opponent and prevent them from retreating out of confusion, respectively. With that said up, your opponent can’t attack, and just has to sit there until they get knocked out from poison. Rinse and repeat until you take six prizes or [more likely] your opponent decks out.

The head ringers and silent labs are in here for Keldeo hate.

thoughts? Don’t hate immediately. the deck’s not very good, I know, but it’s a blast to play and a lot of fun once it gets working.


Looks very fun and extremely annoying (for the opponent :wink:). Have you ever tried going 3 Float Stone and 1 Eco Arm? It’s done extremely well in hit and run variants I’ve tested, especially ones with Trevenant, so it seems like it could work in here too.


How do you deal w/ any [D] decks playing Zoroark BTH?


You don’t. But I haven’t seen any of those yet, actually.


I’ll try that. It seems like a nice addition.


I wouldn’t run these. You want the opponent to take damage because of attacking. if they cant attack at all, your strategy failed. I would run jamming net instead so that if you fail to somewhat set up your malamars, or if they flip heads while aromatisse is still up there, you are taking less damage.
Also, have you ever thought about life dew and one or two eco arm for insurance on aromatisse?


I watched the 5 or 6 games he played on TCGone and he used Computer Search, ALOT


Of course he did. Everyone uses Computer Search a lot if they have it in their deck.


Yeah, you are right but I meant he was using this to the point where the deck may not function well without it.


Of course he was using it that way with no Shaymin/Jirachi ex


he actually played a jirachi ex and possibly a shaymin, although I think he didn’t. Remember, he played 5-6 games which means he might have changed some things. I know he changed some things


@above conversation, I originally had Jirachi, but dropped it since my bench was going to be full most of the time. Now, for the meat.

The list:
4 Xerneas BKT
2 Smeargle BKT
2 Golett EPO [it doesn’t matter in the long run which one you choose]
2 Golurk AOR [AT]
2 Bronzor BKT
2 Bronzong PHF
1 Shaymin-EX
1 Keldeo-EX
6 Metal energy
4 Fairy Energy
4 N
3 Professor Juniper
2 Skyla
2 Pokémon Fan Club
3 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
3 Battle Compressor
2 Float Stone
2 Level Ball
1 Computer Search
4 Sky Field


I played against this deck; it is really good. Do you have an opinion on Zoroark in the deck?


I do feel as though Keldeo is better in expanded, but Zoroark works well in standard and as a Backup attacker against Sky Field decks.


That’s what I was mainly talking about, as a backup attacker. It could be used (like you said), extremely well against Sky Field decks, as sometimes Xerneas can struggle to hit big numbers. Also, what is your opinion on Brigette vs. Fan Club in this deck?


Play Brigette. The only reason I’m not is because Brigette is bugged on TCGONE.


It got fixed like a week ago, unless it broke, AGAIN. :smile: