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It’s an obvious gimmick deck and one-trick pony.

These things only exist in theorymon, and occasionally for fun games. They aren’t a serious effort to deal with the meta.


You’d actually beat this with Jirachi because Crawdaunt takes care of basic energies and Jirachi takes care of special energies and prevents them from taking prizes.


Except they can Blacksmith everytime they hit a VS Seeker.


Any thoughts on M Mewtwo Y/Gardevoir NXD (Psychic Mirage)


Maybe try that with basic shatter shot Mewtwo?


That’s what I was thinking at first, but not sure if m mewtwo would be worthwhile, mainly because of the bonus hp


I think this an extremely awesome/funny concept, but the deck is like 100x worse than Blastoise :stuck_out_tongue:


You just gave me an idea, how about Archies Blastoise/ Mega Mewtwo Y


I’d rather run mewtwo NXD instead of the mega


I’d rather run Keldeo over either.


in terms of mewtwo…


Prb, I don’t necessarily like making full-on meta decks, I’d mug rather play with a deck that’s fun to play with then a meta deck


Then u should make sableye/garb or Blastoise. They are both extremely fun and potent


sableye/garb is the opposite of fun and blastoise gets boring because everyones seen it a hundred times.


Right, i forgot, ok…@YelirMan321, u could play M Manectric/Tool Drop/Wobb/Quad Head Ringer, THAT, is actual fun @jirachi123


‘Fun’ is subjective. Unless you know someone well, you have no idea what they consider fun. For example, I can’t imagine why anyone would think Blastoise was fun, yet many disagree with me.

This thread is for random non-meta stuff. By definition, criticising it for being uncompetitive, worse than something else, or because it loses to some tier 1 deck is pretty irrelevant unless a claim is made to the contrary.


I don’t consider that fun @bkeldeo. @baby_mario said it perfectly. What I consider fun is expanded Night March.


Everyone has different opinions on what is fun. To me, Yveltal is fun. That’s just my opinion, not a fact.
There isn’t a deck where EVERYONE thinks it’s fun.


Okay, now I want to make a deck that will is probably going to be the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever had, but would Wailord-Forretress actually be able to work?


Which Wailord? And what is the strategy?