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Vileplume/Miltank/Latios ex.


I thought about Shiftry in the past, I even bought a playset a while ago(I don’t own playsets of the other cards you mentioned). The problem I have with Giant Forest based decks is that one extra card you need to find before you can start evolving, sure I have 4 Forests and 4 Trainers Mail but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. All I need for Buttermilk is 2 Lv ball and 1 Ultra Ball. Right now I’m trying out Greninja/Miltank and I like the numbers I can hit with the deck, I’m gonna run that deck until I get bored of it and then I’ll try out Shiftry.


Nice idea, I think it can be fun and take some wins against top decks.

I had a look at Roaring Skies Revive but it won’t work with Secret Base to damage Magikarp. The damage is only done when basics are played from the hand. Perhaps use a couple of Sacred Ash instead.

Is your list at all consistent? 3 Random Receivers to find the 2 Maxie’s seems unusual. I’ve actually been trying Archie’s, but as you say, without Archeops the deck has no chance at all against Bats!


So I haven’t played this game since worlds 2013 so this idea/list is probably AWFUL but it’s what I’ve made out the cards I have on PTCGO:


4 Regice
1 Kyurem EX
1 Manectric EX


4 Sycamore
4 Birch
1 Lysandre
4 VS Seeker
4 Trainers’ Mail
4 Acro Bike
4 Ultra Ball
3 Revive
3 Enhanced Hammer
1 Professor’s Letter
4 Silent Lab
3 Exp. Share
3 Muscle Band


7 Water
1 Lightning

The idea is to play against the hordes of people who just throw some random EXs together and call it a deck that I’ve ran into in the last 3 days. The Manectric and Kyurem are to deal spread damage so I can defeat the people whose decks are just some random basic Pokemon more efficiently.


I may not be that good at deck making, but I have been okay at seeing the connections between multiple cards, and I got a decent one here.

Mega Gallade - Unwavering Blade - 110 and 30 to benched pokemon with damage counters on them.

Forretress - Thorn Tempest - When you evolve this pokemon, this pokemon does 10 damage to all of your opponents pokemon.

While this unlikely duo may not accomplish much, it is a bit better than 30 damage once from a sneaky bite. However, it is a mega pokemon, and it does have to deal with the mega evolution rule. Muscle band is probably not a good idea, unless you are planing on dealing with mega pokemon, which I seriously doubt you will. Even then, unwavering blade can two shot those pokemon, and take some pretty verstile attacks itself. Forretress itself is a great attacker, and could be a nice back up support. Trainers such as dimension valley make life easier, and even the monsters Darkari Ex and Yevetal Ex can’t one shot, though I wouldn’t hold it over there head to do so.

Psychic pokemon such as gengar ex and there following strategies aren’t a problem due to the ability to hit benched pokemon, though you will miss out on weakness.


There is a wonderful card to help you mega evolve, get past the mega evo rule, and make life easy! Its called Gallade Spirit Link. Now that should be better.


This is really just a fun deck I just through together tonight but here is the list.

Pokemon: 14
2-2-2 Vileplume AOR
2 Seismitoad EX FFI
4 Regice AOR
2 Giratina EX AOR

Supporters: 14
3 Sycamore
4 Shauna
1 Prof. Birch’s Observations
1 Ace Trainer
3 Lysandre
1 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Hex Maniac

Items: 11
4 Heavy ball
2 Level ball
2 Roller Skates
2 VS Seeker
1 Prof Letter

Tools: 4
2 Muscle band
2 Float stone

Stadiums: 2
2 Forest of Giant Plants

Energy: 15
9 Water
2 Double Dragon

I’m still messing with it so if you want give suggestions, not including Shaymin EX I can’t afford that.


I like Regice/Vileplume a little better. Why are you playing toad and vileplume? They do the same thing (almost).


toad attacks where as vileplume takes a little bit to set up and im till tweaking it i just through cards together with similar attributes that “troll” my opponent.



3 Oddish AOR
3 Gloom AOR
3 Vileplume AOR
4 Regice AOR
2 Giratina EX AOR
4 Unown AOR

4 Professor Sycamore
4 Professor Birch’s Observations
3 AZ
2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
3 Level Ball
4 Forest of Giant Plants

6 Water
3 Double Dragon Energy
4 Double Colorless

Those changes should help with getting Vileplume out more efficiently.

The Seismitoad-EX just seemed out of place since you should focus on getting out Vileplume to shut down their items anyways, so I went ahead and removed them.

I buffed up the Vileplume line and included Gloom over the Rare Candies since they can be fetched with Level Ball/Ultra Ball.

I included Unowns from AOR as they allow you to cycle through your deck which is great when trying to piece together a combo such as Vileplume.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of Shauna, so I scrapped all of them and included more Professor Birch’s Observations. I also added a few AZ to help get around having your Vileplume put in the active spot by Lysandre.

I included Ultra Balls because they allow you to grab any piece of your Vileplume line, as well as attackers or even Unown in dire situations. I also added Trainers’ Mails over the Roller Skates as they are more reliable and can grab you a Support or a piece of your combo.

If you’re ever able to get Shaymin EX, I would recommend cutting away the Unowns. Shaymin is probably the only other card I recommend.


I need help with this list:
4 Sableye DEX
3 Bunnelby PRC 121
2 Trubbish
2 Garbodor
2 Shaymin ex

6 Darkness Energy

1 Life Dew
3 Float Stone
3 Head Ringer

4 Professor Juniper
1 Ace Trainer
1 Teammates
2 N
3 Team Flare Grunt
1 Xerosic
1 Ghetsis
1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
4 Crushing Hammer
1 Enhanced Hammer
4 VS Seeker
1 Super Rod
1 Eco Arm
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Random Reciever

Does anyone have any suggestions?


-1 Eco Arm
-3 Level Ball
-1 Ace Trainer
-1 Random Reciever
+1 Enhanced Hammer
+1 Flare grunt
+1 Tool Scrapper
+1 Jirachi EX
+1 Lysandre
+1 Dark
I haven’t played the deck that much, but that’s what I would do at first glance.


I haven’t done extensive testing with this deck by any means, but I’ve played a decent amount of games and found plenty of promise. It has consistency, easy power, and prize trade. Archie’s Blastoise is a fairly easy matchup, while I have had some trouble with Groudon taking easy knockouts on benched Shaymins or Hydreigons to get ahead, but that can be played around. Basically, the idea is to attack with Zekrom for one energy for upwards of 100 damage, using the effect to attach another energy from the discard pile to it, which sets you up to drop a DDE and take a OHKO or two on EXes. Altaria, Silver Bangle, and Laser Bank all serve to boost your damage high enough to take repeated knockouts. Rayquaza and Hydriegon are alternate attackers, both with a shred effect, and Hydreigon makes the retreat cost for all of your Pokémon very manageable.

Pokémon - 17
4 Zekrom ROS
1 Rayquaza DRX
4-4 Altaria DRX
2 Hydreigon EX
2 Shaymin EX

Energy - 10
4 Double Dragon Energy
6 Lightning Energy

Trainers - 33
4 Professor Sycamore
2 N
1 Lysandre
1 Colress

3 Virbank City Gym

4 Trainers’ Mail
2 Silver Bangle
1 Muscle Band
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
1 Switch


Very clever! However, I am a little skeptical about this deck’s Sableye/Garbodor matchup.


Rayquaza DRX SR or EX?


SR, as he mentions shred.

Anyways, Directed @ OP: Would Yveltal-EX just run right through you? He OHKO’s for 2 Energy w/ Evil Ball, although you do get prize trade advantage (although, if he can get lucky, he can just go for the Y-Cyclone+Band+Laser+Bank to build up a big Yveltal-EX for a Shaymin KO (only needs 4 energy + lysandre)…same for Vespiquen/Flareon…really not seeing what matchups would make me want to play this deck.


This is a deck I just thought of. I need help trimming the Trainer cards.

4 Entei Ancient Origins (The one with Theta Double)

10 Fire Energy

4 Jamming Net Phantom Forces
4 Hard Charm XY
4 Eviolite Plasma Storm
3 Eco Arm Ancient Origins
3 Startling Megaphone Flash Fire
3 Weakness Policy Primal Clash
4 Blacksmith Flash Fire
2 Elesa Legendary Treasures
4 Roller Skates XY
4 Trainers’ Mail Roaring Skies
3 Scorched Earth Primal Clash
4 Professor Sycamore Phantom Forces
4 Shauna Phantom Forces
2 Professor Birch’s Observations Primal Clash
4 VS Seeker Phantom Forces
4 Robo Substitute Phantom Forces
4 Potion Kalos Starter Set
4 Super Potion XY
4 Max Potion Emerging Powers
1 Gold Potion Boundaries Crossed
3 Fresh Water Set Primal Clash
2 Pokémon Center Lady Flash Fire
2 Full Heal Black & White

The strategy is to attach 2 Hard Charm/Eviolite to an Entei using Theta Double, to reduce damage taken by it by 40. Then attach 2 energy using Blacksmith to use the attack Flame Screen, dealing 30 damage and reducing damage taken by 30, for a total of 70. Combine that reduction with Entei’s 130 HP, and you have a effective 200 HP monster, with Jamming Net making it harder for Pokemon EX to take KOs. You heal of the damage taken each turn with your Potions and attempt to take 6 prizes by using Flame Screen to slowly wear down opponents, with the occasional Heat Tackle for the last 2 prizes.


So I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on what we could do with this really cool Jirachi, here is my list for a fun deck:
4 Jirachi
3 Crawdaunt
3 Corphish
1 Virizion EX
1 Shaymin EX
3 Juniper
2 N
1 Colress
1 Xerosic
2 Team Flare Grunt
1 Hex Maniac
1 AZ
1 Lysandre
1 Computer Search
4 VS Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
3 Super Scoop Up
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Crushing Hammer
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Head Ringer
1 Sacred Ash
1 Tool Scrapper
2 Virbank City Gym
6 Grass Energy

So the whole idea is to run your opponent out of energy and since they can’t hit Jirachi they ultimately just concede or slowly lose, any suggestions on improving the list?


Drop the Ehammers. You’re shooting yourself in the foot by getting rid of Special Energy, since Jirachi only can’t be hit if it discards an energy. Put more Flare Grunts in instead. Also, Devolution Spray pretty much achieves what you want to accomplish with the Scoops. Put in 4.


So…you’re cool w/ being run over by Blastoise, Yveltal, and Vespiquen/Flareon?