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This is the thread for all decks that have not established themselves as solid metagame concepts. In general, it should be the default location for new players seeking help on their first couple of decks. Additionally, we’ll be reserving the right to place decks that have never seen competitive play on a significant level in this thread.

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This is my first post here so I hope I got the writing format right. I tried to post it in the deck categories but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. Let me know if it doesn’t look right.
After getting back into Pokemon after a hiatus I started to construct a deck that I found was fun which is the Plasma porygon Z deck for expanded. Its rather clunky and definitely not high tier but I suppose its my pick for now so Im looking for help to optimize it with new cards and the upcoming format.

After posting on different forums and getting various great responses I am at my 3rd draft. Here it is

Pokemon (15):
3 Porygon PLB
1 Porygon2 PLB
3 Porygon-Z PLB
2 Tornadus EX PLF
2 Thundurus
2 Palkia
1 Lugia
1 Genesect

Trainers (33):
3 Professor Juniper
2 N
1 Lysandre
1 Hex maniac
2 Colress
2 Shadow Triad
4 Colress Machine
3 Team Plasma Ball
2 Ultra ball
3 Rare Candy
3 Max Potion
3 Vs Seeker
2 Switch
2 Frozen City

Energy (12):
4 Plasma Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Prism

Before going into each card and choice as well as questions Ill go over the strategy briefly.
The idea is to turbo into a Porygon Z and as many Plasma energies with colress machines and begin moving them around for various Pokemon effects. Putting them on big attackers like Tornadus/Lugia and then healing them for ‘free’ with Max Potion etc.

Now my main dilemma is the Pokemon Line Up and specific numbers for each. Before I had run 1-2 Dialga and have taken them out for 2 Palkia to test. I honestly don’t know which is better in my opinion, perhaps 1 of each would be better. As for Tornadus I feel he is important enough to go to 3 but perhaps that is too cloggy. Finally is Lugia and Genesect. Lugia and Genesect are the power cards of the deck, each in their own ways so Im inclined to run more of them, but for various reasons Im refraining from more than 1 of each. Lugia’s effect to discard a Plasma energy I feel could be crippling so for that reason I think it might be effective to see only one a game and usually as an ender. Likewise for Genesect I feel his main function is to stay on the bench for his catcher-esque effect and come in once in a while to attack.

Other options I thought of were Articuno and Deoxys. I was reluctant to run deoxys as I would have to run 3-4 for it to be effective and to reach benchmarks and I don’t have the space in deck nor on bench for those additions. I’d also have to run muscle bands to go for a risky OHKOs and hit damage benchmarks more consistently with deoxys, which again I am tight on space and it somewhat feels like I’m diluting the main strategy for more damage that may not be useful. Grinding the game with max potions for strong 2HKOs seems smarter and safer, especially since the deck is slower than most in the meta to begin with.

The next bundle of problems is the Trainer Line Up. Lysandre and Hex Maniac are there for item lock and the upcoming Vileplume/Giratina problems so I can switch in problem pokemon and so on. Frozen City seems so good Id want to run 3 but are mainly there to deal with other stadiums. I have never played with stadiums before so I’m unsure how many is a good number. Perhaps someone can chime in.

The main questions here are some problems that came up in testing. My pokemon often got stuck in active and I had no way to get them out so I considered either Switch or Floatstone. Currently Im trying switch and would like more copies, perhaps even Floatstone and a Keldeo. Maybe even escape rope.

Other questions are regarding AZ, Battle Compressor, Pokemon Fan Club, Muscle Band.
I’d like to add in 1 Battle Compressor to get to my 1-ofs faster and to get myself out of lock situations when I need to. Pokemon Fan club seems like a faster ultra ball. As for AZ and muscle band, those were simply cards recommended to me and Im not sure what to make of them.

Finally, although this deck won’t be able to compete with them, what are some solutions to Mega pokemon and enhanced hammer? I feel those are the biggest weaknesses of this deck.

Happy Discussing!

An extra question would be how well does this deck compare to Speed Lugia and TDK? I figured those two were more combo decks that went for a high risk high reward strategy with aggressive playstyle and were easy to break and fragile.

Edit: Thanks to the mods for moving the right thread to the right place! Didn’t know how to do it myself.


3-4 stadiums is pretty standard nowadays, with all of the stadium wars and such.


Thanks! I figured as much what with the new double stadiums coming out also. Is battle compressor something that’s run often and more than 1?


normally, you should not run more than one battle compressor unless it is a battle compressor deck (Night March, Flareon/Vespiquen) or you are going for archies/maxies. since you are not, it is probably not necessary to run battle compressor at all.


Oh I hadn’t heard of the strategy with maxie and Archie, thank you. Sorry for the bombardment of questions but one more. I’m trying to find space for 1 more switch and 1 more frozen city, and maybe some float stones but I don’t know what could be taken out, my first thought is palkia but I’m also unsure at how strong he is. Vice versa I’m unsure how much switch and float stone would help the deck.


Float stone is normally good if you think that something will be gusted up multiple times, or if you are running Keldeo-EX (which only works if you have available bench space, which it appears you don’t). You don’t have anything that will be gusted up repeatedly (I think), so it’s best to go with just Switch and Escape Rope.

However, if you plan on going on a more Palkia-EX based route, being backed up by Porgyon-Z as healing and such, I’d highly recommend consulting this article: http://sixprizes.com/2014/04/11/riding-the-pine-a-palkia-ex-walls-deck-analysis/


Oh wow this is a nice article thank you. I’ll give it a read. I’m not sure if I’d want to go for a Palkia wall deck since Lugia/Tornadus seems stronger. Would dialga be a good choice for this deck?


Throughout the history of time, Dialga-EX has never been good.


“History of time”. Clever.
The plasma one? Aw shoot. I remember the steel one was OK in bronzong. Is there a particular reason the plasma one its not so good? Trying to understand the pace of the game.


If you want to understand the pace of the game, I highly recommend watching tournament streams and videos.

Anyways, Dialga-EX PLB has two attacks:

[P][M][C]: 50, if heads put a card from your discard pile into your hand
[C][C][C][C] 80, for every plasma energy, discard a card

First attack might be decent in some Aromatisse/Box deck w/ Prism/rainbow, but baby Rayquaza’s a better dragon attacker when it comes to weakness (actually gets OHKO’s)
Second attack is just so…meh. You really need energy acceleration, and you don’t want to waste it on Plasma Energy/Colress machine…you don’t want to have all your Plasma Energy on one Pokemon, even if on Lugia, it’s typically DCE, Plasma, Prism.


Hmm now that I compare it I understand. For only 4 energies Im going getting 80 damage and a subpar attack. Would you say Palkia is somewhat subpar in this deck? Im thinking of cutting 2 Palkia and going to 2 Lugia and 2 Genesect. Each pokemon seems to have some subparness and none can be used as a main attacker.

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This is the first deck I’ve made without using a list online as a base. I need help optimizing it.
Ancient Origins Gyarados Deck (The one with Theta Double)

Pokemon 13
4 Gyarados Ancient Origins 21
4 Magikarp (any legal kind because they all have 30 HP, but the Dragons Exalted one has a chance of actually doing non trivial damage)
3 Mr. Mime Plasma Freeze
2 Archeops Noble Victories

Trainer 38
2 Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick Primal Clash
3 Battle Compressor Phantom Forces
3 Random Receiver Dark Explorers
4 Team Magma’s Secret Base Double Crisis
4 Bicycle Plasma Storm
1 Computer Search Boundaries Crossed
4 Trainer’s Mail
2 Pokemon Communication Black and White
4 Revive Roaring Skies
3 Rescue Scarf Dragons Exalted
2 Ultra Ball Roaring Skies
3 Maintenance Furious Fists
4 Evosoda XY

Energy 9
4 Double Colorless Energy
5 Water Energy

Strategy: Gyarados’ Full Retaliation hits for 30 damage plus 30 more damage per damage counter on your benched Magikarp. This deck uses Team Magma’s Secret Base to get 20 damage onto Magikarp to power Full Retaliation. Said Magikarp are now venerable to attacks that hit the bench, so Mr. Mime is there to block those. Golbat, Crobat,(Phantom Forces) and Forteress (Flash Fire) have abilities that hit the bench, but Archeops (entering play with Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick) can stop these Pokemon from ever entering play, and Evosoda allows the deck to evolve even with Archeops in play… Revive can bring back defeated Magikarp and search them out with Battle Compressor, while Rescue Scarf can keep Gyarados and Magikarp out of the discard pile. This deck does fall apart to any thing disabling abilities.


4 Dwebble
4 Crustle
3 Solosis
2 Duosion
3 Reuniclus
2 Mr. Mime
2 Jirachi ex
1 Virizion ex

4 Level Ball
2 Heavy Ball
2 Ultra Ball
2 Pokemon Communication
2 Switch
3 VS Seeker
1 Float Stone
1 Muscle Band

4 N
2 Professor Juniper
1 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Lysandre

1 Tropical Beach
3 Champion’s Festival

4 Grass Energy
4 Fighting Energy
2 Strong Energy


I would try to play some unown because you can move some damage onto him, and farewell letter, netting you a card and healing fifty damage. Seems pretty good.


This list is really tight. Also, well ask Calvin next time we see him. He has tho deck built and is the expert.


An interesting deck won some sort of mini-Regionals in Amiens, France.

Not sure how good it is, but figured I’d throw it out there.

3 Virizion-EX
3 Genesect-EX
2 Thundurus-EX
2 Ho-Oh-EX
1 Deoxys-EX
1 Shaymin-EX

Total: 12

4 Professor Juniper
3 N
2 Colress
1 Skyla
1 Shadow Triad
1 AZ
1 Lysandre
Total: 13

4 Battle Compressor
4 Energy Switch
4 Ultra ball
3 Muscle Band
1 Professor’s Letter
1 G Booster
Total: 17

2 Skyarrow Bridge

7 Grass Energy
2 Lightning Energy
1 Psychic Energy
2 Plasma Energy
Total: 12

Seem to be missing a card, here’s the photo: https://scontent.fdtw1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/11539615_10207452499092768_1484864837145931152_n.jpg?oh=9e8294cd9f6a799c04db4d63913808ef&oe=565DE94B


I’m considering running Buttermilk for my league that just started up again, I was thinking of a fast deck to play to rack up the points with, without paying an arm and a leg on cards like Latios. I looked up what lists there were for Buttermilk but they were all for BCR-on, even though we’re allowed to play with BW-on decks for now, I want to stick with XY-on. Should I just plan on building it as a speed deck like the BCR-on builds did? Any trainer cards I should consider that may have been forgotten about and should put them in the list?


Buttermilk is no longer NEARLY as good, as Giant Plant Forest is in the format, which means that pretty much all [G] Pokemon have “Adaptive Evolution” implicitly.

If you like Buttermilk, I’d recommend something like Ludicolo PRC + Miltank to get a free Catcher every turn (Catcher, not Gust), Shiftry FLF + Miltank b/c that ability is awesome and the deck really needs a 1 energy attacker, or Vilplume AOR + Miltank b/c Item lock is god.