UK Regionals Thread

Hey guys,

This is a post to keep upto date with competitive Pokémon in the UK.
You can post regionals reports, results, deck idea’s and discussions.

List of regionals UK:

(Standard format)
7 November Huddersfield
14 November Sutton Coldfield
21 November London
28 November Wales
5 December Stockton on Tees
13 December West Sussex

(Expanded format)
5 March Blackpool
13 March Northern Ireland
27 March Bournemouth
2 April Norwich
10 April Glasgow
17 April St Austell


Final Standings for Huddersfield Regional (UK), Standard format:

  1. Adam Hawkins - M Sceptile
  2. Patrik Raty - Vespiquen/Bronzong/Crobat
  3. Luke Burke - Night March
  4. Danielle Hames - Wailord/Regice/Aegislash/Toad/Wobbuffet
  5. Jonathan Cowley - Toad/Giratina/Crawdaunt
  6. Joe Bernard - M Sceptile
  7. Fraser Anderson - Night March
  8. Kristen Gregory - M Ray
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I’m Jonas Nisse in seniors. Look out for my name if you can. I should be at all the regionals bar Stockton and still undecided on whether I’m going to Ireland or Scotland.

Believe you won seniors with Fairy/Tina, I couldn’t make it today but a buddy was tagged in your status.
Congrats man, what went top 8 in the masters?

Indeed I did win. Top 8 for masters was:
Final standings after cut, Top 8 Sutton Coldfield (UK) Regionals, standard format:

  1. Luke Kirkham (Manectric/Bats)
  2. Charlie Powell (Magma Camerupt/Camerupt EX/Entei Delta Double)
  3. Joe Bernard (ToadTina)
  4. Alex Dao (Night March)
  5. Karl Blake (Night March)
  6. Corey Kirkham (Night March)
  7. Sam Taylor (ToadTina)
  8. Charles Barton (ToadTina w Crawdaunt)

Here’s my tournament report at Sutton Regionals, playing Metal:
R1 vs. M-Ampharos/Volcarona
Things started out quite well for me in game 1 and I was able to win, after a long, 25-minute game.
In game 2, my opponent got lucky and topdecked several Lysandres and a Hex Maniac. Time was called, just as we were shuffling our decks after game 2, so the match was declared a tie.
R2 vs. Seismitoad/Giratina
My opponent got very unlucky with hammer and Super Scoop Up flips both games, and he had only 1 basic energy in his deck, so I Aegislash-trolled him and won easily.
R3 vs. M-Manectric/Metal
Game 1 my opponent utterly overpowered me. Game 2 I was able to overpower him and win. Game 3 my opponent did 80 damage to my Heatran which already had 40 damage on. He thought it was a knockout, and took his prize card. I called the judge, but the time extension afterwards allowed my opponent to win, annoyingly.
R4 vs. Tyrantrum-EX/Giratina EX/Bronzong PHF
My opponent’s deck was very inconsistent, and my opponent drew dead most of the 2 games. I was able to win this one fairly easily.
R5 vs. M-Rayquaza EX
Game 1 he set up really quickly, and he only had 1 prize left by the time I got an Aegislash out. He then Lysandred a Bronzong and won. Game 2 I drew dead, and only drew an Aegislash. He topdecked Hex Maniac, and won.
So close to top-cutting…but yet so far.
Final Score:2-2-1, 10th place.

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Wait, you guys get FIVE regionals in one wave? That’s one way to make an invite incredibly easy.

Six actually. We don’t get states ofc but Top 22 paid trip is more important in the UK.

I assume your Sam’s sister because you played Metal and faced Seb in the final round.