UK Pokemon TCG Team


Just like another topic on the forum homepage I want to create a UK Pokemon TCG Team (since its seems relevant and a good way to meet people, share ideas, have fun whilst getting better at the game) although I am in the UK so would preferably like to meet people competing in the same nationals (or even local tournaments) although it doesn’t really matter where you come from when it comes down to it! Obviously I’m not sure if I would ever make it to a World Championship but maybe if I’m lucky.

I am a returning player to the Pokemon TCG in the South East of England, I was involved heavily in the game a few years back (around Majestic Dawn time). I’m getting back into it again at a competitive level and just wanted to meet people who love the game! Leave a comment below if you’re interested and we can set something up, (even though this is UK predominantly it doesn’t matter where you are from so still say Hi below! :smiley:)

I’m from London. Skype is Nisse. Hit me up.

I’m living in North Wales, I’m up for some play testing. Messaged you my Skype.

Welcome back to the game :slight_smile: I’m always looking for people to playtest with and share ideas etc, message me on here if you ever want a game. I’m trying to get my blog off the ground atm as well if anyone has any ideas for that: Cheers.